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I tell you... There's something really unnerving with Miharu's cat. Don't tell me Shiratama's actually someone in disguise?!?! (O.o)|||Thobari had sent his three students back home early although he himself had to stay back while he recuperates. He further instructs them to destroy all the Banten ninja books he had kept hidden in the school. Miharu's wounds had properly healed, however it seemed that he had lost his sight in his injured eye. As the other two worried about the location of the Banten's secret art, Miharu wondered if the Shinrabanshou had left his body.While they proceeded on their mission, they found out that Raimei's parents had passed away. She declares that she was a tengai kodoku (a person without family or friends) but Miharu and Aikawa reminded her of their friendship. Feeling uneasy, Raimei excuses herself. We see a flashback into Raimei's past, when she was first bestowed her katana by her mother. We then learn the true identity of the Shimizu samurai clan, whose purpose was to eliminate all those who seeked to misuse the Shirabanshou power. When Miharu got home, he was surprised to see Yamase-sensei waiting for him with an unusual request. He wished that Miharu uses the Shirabanshou power to help him correct his past and return to his family. When Miharu refuses, Yamase-sensei once again shows his aggressive streak and attacks Miharu. Miharu manages to escape, and Raimei and Aikawa turned up for the rescue.Before Aikawa could finish him off, Raimei stops him and interrogates Yamase-sensei regarding the whereabouts of her brother, Raikou. Raikou had disappeared to join the Kairoushuu after killing their whole family. Yamase-sensei did have some information to share, however it was only of the time when Raikou first appeared at Kairoushuu. Yamase-sensei took his chance to escape after leaving some nasty words for Miharu on how everyone around him, including his friends, were only using him because of the Shirabanshou. However Raimei reassures him that she would always be on his side, despite her quest for revenge.In the meantime, back at Fuuma's village, Koutarou has already gathered some data for their next move. I have to say, though I've liked Koutarou before this, after he showed his calculating side, I'm starting to dislike him. Fight him Thobari-sensei! Don't you dare lose!!! >.<" Argh, but I guess he can't stand up against the legendary Koutarou. Back at home, Aikawa and Raimei decides to stick close to Miharu in case of any more impeding danger. And guess who dropped by for an evening snack?OMG, it's been so long since the last episode review, I totally forgot what happened. But I have to say, this is the episode I've been waiting for~ The appearance of Raikou!!! Even from the opening video, the character that had always caught my attention the most had been that pink-haired bishie! I'm so glad we're gonna see more of him from now on. :D Feed my insatiable lust for bishies... *rubs hands*Raimei's past came somewhat as a shock to me. I totally didn't expect it. And I didn't expect that her reason for sticking close to Miharu was to get closer to the Kairoushuu and inherently, her traitor of a brother. It's getting really interesting now, and Yoite's appearance at the end really made my heart thump. Is Miharu going to be okay?
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