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(space__________Space) So, again since I've got some time, and some people seems to be curious about Megadere, I'll go ahead and start blogging about it. I'm already on episode 18 but I'm not giving out my review until I'm done with the show. Has anyone seen that Uma Thurman film where she plays a superwoman-like girlfriend of Luke Wilson? Me neither. Imagine you're a shouta, the type that makes oneesan-types drool over, and then you're transferred to a school where the elite magical users gather and study - no, nobody wears Maho Sensei style capes - and then all of the sudden, the hottest looking and the most powerful magic user in the school and possibly the entire world, nicknamed the "Demoness Beatrice" confesses to you few minutes after you've just walked into the school... Oh, and if you were rather tall, it'd hard to imagine yourself in that role, because our shouta main guy is rather short, he's 155 cm tall. Our heroine, Takasu Ayako, is about 168.5. This unlikely pairing is the center of this world where the only evidence of magic is when Ayako or her enemies blowing up things, changing weather, and makes "miracles". The magical element is called, "Beatrix". How did it come about? Why is it in this world? How does one get to use it? Who cares! The show doesn't explain it at all! It's a fan service/shouta/explosion/provoking a tigress comedy! Ayako's the tigress. But who does the provoking? Well, thank God there are some people who're more than willing to perform the dangerous task~(drum rolls, please) the student council at Tokyo Beatix University's High School attachment (whatever that's supposed to be termed in English). With Maya, the handsome and tall council leader, Shione his sister with the super-weird hair style that changes every time, Mitsuki the camera touting paparazzi, and other wacky and willing people who intend on getting the two officially together with some crazy-ass ideas that completely piss the hell out of Ayako, tempting One's Fate really takes on a whole new level! So let's take a look at episode 1, shall we? I always do the details first, opinions later, so consider the spoiler alert be in effect starting from the paragraph below:
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