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I can’t believe I’m loving this. Here’s the reactions from fellow anibloggers. [[MORE]] Also, we got another Koko here, voiced by a Kyubey. I feel sorry for Yuki. He needs to learn to speak what is in his mind. It seems like he is forced to do shits for Haru and his sister. He must be exhausted mentally and physically. Also, he rarely talks in real life because of his problem. He just talks to himself silently in his mind. I almost wasn’t aware of this until Natsuki points it out. @kluxurious, conspicious klux # The art of fishing has never been quite so closely captured in animated form before, but with Tsuritama delving into little details like the tying of a Uni Knot and the situations in which lures should be used, we’ve finally got an anime which you fishers can be proud of. Now, where’s that cricket anime? Asobi, Random Curiosity # But this anime, and nothing is never normal, even slice of life shows can display some weird things at times. But yet this show just defies any logic: why does the grandma immediately believe a hyper blonde kid is an alien and WHY does she let him stay at her house? Why is there an indian man with a duck named Tapioca? Why does Haru’s (and now Coco’s) water gun seem to cause some sort of amnesia? The first question will probably never get answered, but the next two may get resolved soon. webkid94, Oasis Crossing #
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