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Here is a slew of reactions. [[MORE]] Episode 3 DUCK! Absurdity is the lifeblood of Tsuritama, once again evidenced by my favorite character, Akira—the 25 year old Indian agent of some kind obsessed with a duck. The idea that he’s part of some kind of Men In Black-esque organization after Haru and Coco could have been played seriously and with the straightest face imaginable, but instead it chose to have him part of a borderline-cult that reveres ducks for reasons that aren’t made terribly clear. @Inushinde, Shinde Iie The free fishing lesson continues in this episode. Natsuki is serious as ever when it comes to fishing so Yuki and Haru don’t have much of a choice but to train until they can’t train anymore. But Natsuki is training Yuki more than just fishing though. He encourages Yuki to talk as he orders him to count the beat when casting the rod out loud. I lol’d when this is seemingly harder for Yuki than casting out the lure into the bucket. @kluxurious, Conspicious Klux I find myself loving this grandma more and more. I really hope her death flags don’t amount to anything. She teaches some short and simple truths to Haru that I really like, specifically her reason on why she still takes care of flowers even though they will die eventually. Death is the final destination for everyone and there’s no exception, but that’s not important. The importance is to change your mindset from anticipating the inevitable death into loving life you have right now. Though I do find Haru a bit annoying, he’s really taking grandma’s wisdom and is understanding what it means to be a human. Bern, It’s good to see Natsuki warm up to the two and his persistence in showing how to catch by naming it the Enoshima Bowl was clever. But the real scene-stealers were Akira and his cohorts of the Duck organization, who are trying to stop Haru and his sister. I mean this show is already absurd and bizarre but this just goes even farther into “WTF” levels of amusement. I do admit that Yuki’s crazy facial expressions are starting to get a little stale and creepy, but it’s only a minor complaint. I’m glad that this show really likes to be creative and different while actually sticking with a plot. webkid94, Oasis Crossing Episode 4 finally, the guy got a big fish. This week’s episode solidifies Haru and Yuki’s relationship as friends. After the whole deal with the mind control gun, Yuki finally realizes that he likes having Haru around. Now, we just need to get the other two pulled into the party. @marthaurion, Marth’s Anime Blog The main highlight this week was supposed to be Yuki and Haru becoming friends. Seeing Yuki revert back to his old, Haru-deprived life served as a stark contrast to his new routine. Let’s face it – his life is boring without Haru. He met Natsuki through Haru, and got into his number one stress-buster (fishing) because of him as well. Yuki himself doesn’t even see it until it’s pointed out to him and the problem is glaring him in the face. Yet another clever way Tsuritama takes different character’s perspectives into account. During his phase of dislike for Haru, Yuki couldn’t catch a single fish. Once he made up his mind that Haru was important to him, he finally caught a fish. I always saw Yuki as the fish that Haru caught, but this episode reversed that role. Yuki even dove into the ocean to catch Haru at the end of the episode, which is as literal as a fishing metaphor as you can get without Haru biting a lure and being reeled in (Oh God, he does bite the lures though….). As a side note, it’s funny that Haru needs water to live while Yuki drowns in water in nerve-wracking situations. @Overcooled, Metanorn (@Metanorn) I’m finished with putting things about fishing in the titles of these posts, but the show isn’t really giving me anything else to work with here. Already four episodes in, and still almost nothing that I would consider a major event in the story has happened yet. Even now, I still can’t really tell if the show is building up to anything bigger (i.e. saving the world) or if it’ll just stay in the quirky slice-of-life state that it’s in now. I can’t help but to hold out in hope of the show taking a more serious turn, but I think at this point it’s pretty obvious (at least to me) that the show probably won’t change that much, and if it does get more serious it probably won’t be that big of a deal. But hey, Evangelion didn’t get really serious until episode 20 or something like that, so maybe we still have some hope left. @NotakuBlog, The Notaku Blog Funny how both shows are going on almost the same character development plots each week. @kurogane_s, Kurogane’s Anime Blog TL;DR - I’m starting to liking this show. This is an excuse for walls of text.
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