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Tsuritama is an anime about fishing! When I first read that, my reaction was =.= However, when I saw the word "alien" in the synopsis and the promotional picture of the four male characters, I decided to give it a shot and I'm glad I did. ^^ Story: (9/10) – Very Good Three words can sum up the series - Fishing, Friendship and Alien. The setting of the story is Enoshima. From the anime, it looks really beautiful and I will like to go there in my next visit to Japan (hopefully soon). The first half of the series was very light-hearted and I felt happy watching it. However, the second half suddenly turned serious. The plot started to progress very fast and I couldn't help but to be drawn into the story. Characters: (9/10) – Very Good Ah... I really love the characters. The four male characters all have unique personality and are very likable. Also, side characters like Keito baachan and the ship captain are very nice and charming. Favorite characters:  Yuki - his hanya face is too funny! I can relate very well to his nervousness as I tend to get nervous easily too. I love his character development the most. Haru - he's too cute!! If only there are really such cute aliens... Natsuki - I love his cool personality. It's nice seeing him having quite a bit of character development too. Akira - "Duck" I love the way he shouts it. LOL I also love his duck, Tapioca. So cute!! Keito - she's such a sweet granny!! Art/Animation: (9/10) – Very Good The art style is very unique and pretty. I love the way the background is colored! Really pretty! The animation is also beautifully done. Music: (9/10) – Very Good I love the Opening theme. It always put a smile in my face. Whenever I watched it, I felt like dancing to the Enoshima dance but well.. I didn't as I can't dance for nuts. The Ending theme is very nice too. It has a relaxing feel. Enjoyment: (10/10) – Awesome Tsuritama is definitely my favorite spring 2012 anime. I enjoyed every bits of it. Overall: (9/10) – Very Good Fishing might sound boring to some but I'm sure you will change your thinking, like I did, after watching Tsuritama.
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