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Almost all my life I’ve been so used to pirating watching fansubs that I rarely bother buying the original DVDs. I have a decent job, but I don’t have enough monies to splurge an enormous amount of cash on these otaku goodies, especially DVDs. The only original DVDs I have in my “collection” are the first and final volume of La Corda d’ Oro (LOL), and Tokyo Marble Chocolate. My love for Toshokan Sensou outweighs these two animes by a mile, and I know for a fact that the Toshokan Sensou DVDs will be a worthy addition to my [small] collection, not simply because of the mini-short stories and other thingamabobs that will be included in each volume, but because of the wonderful anime itself. But again, the real question is, should I splurge cash and pledge my loyalty as a Toshokan Sensou fangurl fanatic by buying these DVDs, or not? Such a tough question.
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