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Toshokan Sensou's web radio station announces a SEIYUU FORUM, and it will kick off come September the 21st![Thanks, Dengeki Online][ALSO, FIX'D SOSHI, THANKS.]The forum will be held, due to response to the web radio show, on the 21st, it'll be called the "Kanto Library Emergency Squad" Forum.Attending is the Seiyuu team, comprised of: Marina Inoue, Tomoaki Maeno, Suzuki, Hiroshi Satoru, Miyuki Sawashi, etc.It'll be held at the Suginami Auditorium, at the film and video awards hall. And my Japanese isn't proficient enough to make out the rest of the article. >.<>The Drama CD (I think), DJCD Toshokan Sensou Kanto Base Public Affairs Office Survey Report, comes out on the 24th of July, Published by Frontier works, and distributed by Geneon Ent. It also retails for 2940 Yen. (Tax Incl.)[Thanks, Dengeki Online]
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