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More disagreements at the Kages' summit, and Sakura decides to go after Naruto.(Top) Sakura is going to do something useful? I don't believe it!(Bottom) Special eyes are just like accessories in the ninja world.Summary:At the Kages' summit, Raikage disagrees with Danzo nominating himself, but moderator Mifune argues that Danzo is the best candidate because the Raikage is prone to outbursts; Gaara is too noob; Tsuchikage is too old; and Mizukage is too untrustworthy. While Mifune argues for Danzo's case, Mizukage's guard Ao realizes something is amiss and decides to take a closer look with his Byakugan right eye.Back in Konoha, Shikamaru draws the short straw and has to go talk to Sakura about dealing with Sasuke. Shikamaru walks in just as Sai is getting to the topic, and Shikamaru takes over and explains that the consequences could be catastrophic if Konoha doesn't deal with Sasuke. Shikamaru came to ask Sakura's for permission to go after Sasuke, but Sakura instead tells Shikamaru to shut up for now. After wiping away her tears. Sakura decides that she'll go to the land of iron and talk to Naruto.In a town somewhere in the Land of Iron, Naruto is wondering what Sasuke is up to. Near where the summit is taking place, Sasuke's gang notices that Zetsu has ditched them. Elsewhere, Zetsu's white half gets the order from Madara to start the plan. Back at the summit, Ao discovers that Danzo's right eye had once belonged to Uchiha Shisui who was capable of using powerful illusion techniques. Ao accuses Danzo of putting an illusion on the Mizukage, but before the argument can escalate White Zetsu suddenly appears and announces that Sasuke is somewhere nearby.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"...the fool is in love with me... so let me do it."That line was gold. After not doing anything useful for the last 100+ chapters, Sakura is finally going to take charge and uh... do something useful for once. I certainly hope that she'll be able to snap Naruto out of his Sasuke obsession, since it's pretty sad seeing our hero speak and dream of nothing but Sasuke.Back to summit, it seems that everyone has an implanted eye of some sort these days as long as you are able to get your hands on a dead Uchiha or Hyuga. Danzo has a Sharingan, and now Ao has a Byakugan. Looks like Kakashi isn't as unique as we think he is. Danzo going around using underhanded tactics is no surprise, but he probably didn't expect that someone would catch him in the act. Anyways, Madara and started his little plan by getting Zetsu to announce Sasuke's presence. adara probably wants the Kages to fight amongst themselves or divert their attention to Sasuke, but we don't know what he'll do after that. Probably something to do with world domination I'm guessing.
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