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Chapter 459: Sakura's Decision~ Sasuke begin's his attack to the Kages as Zetsu barges in to the meeting place~~ Uchiha Shisui's Sharingan, implanted on Danzou!~ The idea of Danzou as the leader of the alliance is not being supported by the Raikage. According to him, Danzou is the embodiment of darkness in the ninja world and then suggested that he should be the leader since his land does not have any connection with the Akatsuki. But Mifune didn't agree because Raikage has the tendency of letting his emotions control him. As for the other Kages, Kazekage is too young, Tsuchikage is too old to lead while the Mizukage is a very risky choice since Kirigakure is the seat of Akatsuki. So no other fits to lead other than Danzou, especially also that nine tail is at Konoha.It was also revealed that the Sharingan of Danzou came from Uchiha Shisui. This is was noticed by Aoi, one of the Mizukage's bodyguard after using his Byakugan that he got after battling a Hyuuga before. He said that he definitely recognizes that Sharingan because he once fought Uchiha Shisui. The power of that Sharingan is to control the mind of the person targetted. The target won't even feel that he is under the influence of the Sharingan. This fact rages the Raikage even more.Meanwhile, Naruto is somewhere thinking of Sasuke. He is having his emo-moment. He thinks that he couldn't understand Sasuke anymore - he got his revenge and yet he doesn't want to come home. Naruto asks if he became a criminal for real.As for Sai and Sakura, Sai thinks that they should stop relying on Naruto too much. Shikamaru also appears, agreeing with Sai saying that they should also help in preventing a war to broke between Konoha and Kumo. Shikamaru is determined to stop Sasuke and he thinks that they should deal with Sasuke by themselves. Shikamaru is also asking for Sakura's permission for something.....and I still can't understand what it is. I do hope that they don't plan to kill Sasuke.Zetsu now attacks the meeting place, saying that Sasuke will now start an attack and challenges them to guess where Sasuke is hiding.Madara also appears giving Zetsu the order to begin.
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