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Gaara and siblings join the battle against Sasuke.Gaara: I wasn't crying. The sand got into my eyes.Summary;Raikage tries to finish off Sasuke with a jumping leg drop, but Sasuke forms a shield with his black flames. Just as Raikage's leg is about to hit the flame, Gaara intervenes and uses his sand to bounce the Raikage away. Seeing Gaar and siblings/guards have arrived, Raikage calls timeout, cuts off his burning left arm and tells his guards to stop the bleeding. Meanwhile, Gaara tries to convince Sasuke to Don't Be Evil, but Sasuke is adamant about remaining a bad boy. Gaara sheds a tear in sadness and prepares for combat.Elsewhere, Karin has located Danzo through chakra sensing, but her efforts have been detected by both Danzo's guards and Ao. Dnazo decides to stay put; Ao tells Danzo and his guards not to get any funny ideas; and the Tsuchikage thinks things are getting interesting.Back outside, Gaara, his siblings, and Darui launch simultaneous attacks on Sasuke, but Sasuke blocks them all with an (almost) complete Susanoo.~~~~~~~~~~~~So Sasuke's trump card is the complete Susanoo. Sasuke was using it partially in the last chapter to save himself from being splattered by Raikage's power bomb, but Raikage still managed to hit him with the chop. The Susanoo is pretty much invincible defense, but we don't know how long Sasuke can keep it up. Sasuke's Susanoo looks different than Itachi's, since Itachi's was white and not engulfed in dark flames. Maybe Sasuke has Amateratsu incorporated into his Susanoo. I also wonder if Sasuke has access to that sword Itachi was using during the final fight against Orochimaru. Anyways, the fight has become even more interesting with Gaara's group joining in and Sasuke revealing his new powers. With the Susanoo, Sasuke may very well be able to defeat Gaara and Raikage, but maybe the Kages have hidden power-ups as well (Raikage going Super-Saiyan 2 perhaps?).
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