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Luffy charges into the chaotic battle at Marine HQ.To knock out giants, use a giant fist.Summary:Luffy informs Whitebeard that Ace's execution is being moved up, and Whitebeard wonders what Fleet Admiral Sengoku is up to letting this "secret" out. Luffy charges right into battle but his participation is almost cut short by a beam kick from Kizaru. Ivankov knocks Luffy out of harm's way with a Death Wink, but he is forced to seek shelter when Kuma (probably one of Kizaru's Kuma-bots) attacks with a mouth beam. Ivankov is bewildered by the attack because he is supposedly buddies with Kuma. Nearby, Luffy is plowing through a group of Marines while Hina tries to catch him. Luffy jumps right past Hina, but Moria spots Luffy and calls on his zombie army to capture the young pirate. Seeing Luffy in danger, Ace yells for Luffy to stay away, but Luffy yells out that he can't abandon his brother. Most of the combatants are confused as to how Ace can have a brother, but Admiral Sengoku lets the big secret out and states that Luffy is the son of Dragon. The notable combatants react to varying degrees to the revelation, and Whitebeard tells Marco not to let Luffy die. Meanwhile, Jimbei arrives and takes care of the zombies with a seawater spray, and Luffy knocks out one of the giant vice admirals.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The fight continues, and as expected Luffy charges right into the thick of things. The biggest development is that the secret about Luffy's heritage is now out in the open, although Garp is probably correct in that Luffy is now notorious enough that it doesn't really matter if the general public knows he is son of Dragon. What matter though is what the Marines, Shichibukai, and Whitebeard are planning to do now that they know the secret. I'm guessing that Whitebeard probably has a history with Dragon (Whitebeard has a history with a lot of people), but it could be a good or bad history. The main concerns for the moment though are rescuing Ace, keeping Luffy alive, and trying to find out what Sengoku is planning. I wonder who will be next one to come after Luffy. Moria was targeting Luffy, but now he is matched up with Jimbei and that should be an interesting fight. Since zombies are weak to saltwater, Moria will have to use shadow powers to fight Jimbei.
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