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Madara outlines his grand plan for world domination peace to the Kages.If the gig as evil mastermind fails, Madara can always become a storyteller. Summary:In the outskirts of Konoha, Sakura, Sai, Lee, and Kiba are heading out on a secret mission to find Naruto. Meanwhile in the snowy village, Naruto decides it's time to talk to Sasuke face to face.Back in the summit chamber, Raikage tries to attack Madara but the attack passes right through. Madara then sucks Sasuke and Karin into his eye socket via some jutsu so Karin can heal Sasuke without anyone bothering them. Madara then explains that he sent Sasuke to the summit to weaken the Kages so they can be kidnapped, and the purpose of the plan is so that the Kages won't interfere with Madara's Moon Eye plan. Madara then sits down and starts to explain his grand plan:Supposedly the legendary Rikudou Sennin left behind a monument that is kept by the Uchiha clan. The message on the monument can only be read by people with the Sharingan, the Mangekyou Sharingan, and the Rinnegan, and the Rinnegan can read more of the message than the other eyes. Madara states the Rikudou Sennin became a legend after he saved the world from the terrible Juubi (ten-tails), or the combined original form of all the tailed beasts. The Rikudou Sennin sealed the Juubi within himself and became a god-like figure. However, the Sennin realized that when he dies the Juubi will be released, so before his death he divided the Juubi into nine tailed beasts, and cast the Juubi's real body into the sky as the moon so that the tailed beasts cannot reunite on their own. Madara's plan is to restore the Juubi and becomes its host. With access to the Juubi's immense chakra, Madara plans to reflect his Tsukuyomi with the moon and envelope the world in an infinite illusion where there will be no hatred and conflict.As expected, the Kages tell Madara to go screw himself, but Madara is intent on carrying out his grand plan and asks the Kages hand over the eight and nine-tailed beasts. Raikage is surprised that Madara doesn't have the eight-tails, and then he realizes that Killer Bee has used the attack as a chance to run away from the village. Anyways, the Kages reject Madara's demands, and Madara declares that the 4th ninja war is on.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We finally learn of Madara's ultimate plans, and it was better than I thought it would be. I admit, the legend about the Juubi and the moon being the Juubi's body and stuff are little outrageous, but the concept of putting the world into an infinite illusion is pretty interesting. It really sounds like the Matrix lol. I see a problem with the plan though: the moon only appears during the night, so what the heck is Madara going to do when it's day time and there's no moon to reflect his Tsukuyomi? It'll be chaos during the daytime and peace during the night? And also what's in it for Madara? This is of course a chance to play God, but having manage the actions of every single person sounds like quite a chore. You can only play Sim City for so long before it gets boring. I guess Madara might make people worship him and give him booze and women or something, but wouldn't it be sad to realize that nobody actually truly likes him? Madara probably doesn't care though. Anyways, Madara has declared war, and so we'll probably see the tailed beasts he captured in action soon.Some side notes: Raikage finally found out that Killer Bee is fooling around somewhere and that was pretty funny. Also, Karin and Sasuke are now alone in some sort of sub-dimension, and I wonder if Karin is going to try to violate Sasuke given that he is unconscious and nobody else is around.
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