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Naruto rejects Sakura. And Kisame fights Killer Bee.Yup, Naruto is a lost cause.Summary:After Sakura's awkward confession, Naruto states that Sakura is just lying to herself. Sakura tells Naruto that he doesn't have to keep his promise to her to save Sasuke, but Naruto states that he knows why Sasuke is acting this way and wants to help him. Naruto is about to tell Sakura about the encounter with Madara but he is stopped by Kakashi. Meanwhile, Kiba whispers to Sakura if they should tell him the "truth" but Sakura stomps on Kiba's foot and decides to leave with her group. After walking sufficiently far away from Naruto's group, Sakura asks Kiba to aid her in finding Sasuke.Somewhere in the Land of Iron, the Kages and their guards are traveling together. While traveling, Tsuchikage is asked by his bodyguard Kurotsuchi why they are not going to take out the hachibi and kyuubi in order to foil Akatsuki and also weaken Konoha and Kumogakure, and Tsuchikage responds that he isn't going to be stubborn old man he usually is.In a forest far away, Kisame has beaten up Ponta the giant raccoon dog. In response, Sab and Killer Bee gang up on Kisame, but Killer Bee discovers that Kisame is somehow draining his chakra and thereby weakening his attacks. Kisame explains that his sword Sameheda likes Killer Bee's hachibi chakra and the Akatsuki member fully unwraps his sword.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That was it for the Naruto-Sakura drama? With all the build-up that went on, I was expecting a little more, but perhaps this is good thing since I'm more of an action fan. Obviously this is not the end of the whole love triangle; it's more like an intermission. So Naruto rejects Sakura, and to exact revenge Sakura plots to steal Sasuke away from Naruto. Brilliant. Jokes aside, Naruto is sticking with his plan because he heard Madara's story, but it seems that Sakura is hiding something as well as Kiba was mentioning about the "truth". I don't really remember what this "truth" is, so either I wasn't paying enough attention or a secret suddenly came out of nowhere.Anyways, the story is moving on to the Kisame vs. Killer Bee fight, and hopefully that'll wash away the taste from the Naruto-Sakura drama.
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