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By xtine06Chapter 470: Killerbee vs. Kisame~ This is a very interesting fight. This fight must be one hell of a moment, for sure~ Chapter Highlights:As expected, Naruto didn't believe that Sakura fell for him.Sakura, Kiba, and Lee form a team and search for Sasuke and this is kept as a secret frNaruto.The reason why the Tsuchikage decided against the destruction of the Hachibi and the Kyuubi and protected them instead was because he remembered himself when he is still young.Now back to Killerbee and Kisame, Ponta is taken out and Sabu-chan takes hold of his giant swordSabu-chan knows that Bee is the 8-tails JinchuurikiSabu-chan butts heads with Samehada with his own sword, realizing what it's abilities are and tells Bee Samehada's bandages come off
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