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While I'm still not done done with my Honey & Clover rewatch (Gonna 'restart' it after I'm done with Midori no Hibi, since that's the one with a deadline) and also not done deciphering this interview with Umino Chika in Manga Kitchen, I'm afraid you're gonna have to bear with this little teaser: usagijen: I just read this "Manga Kitchen" book/mook/whatever usagijen: which features various manga series wherein "food" is a motif of some sort usagijen: or that food, in some ways, had a significance in that series usagijen: thought it'd be soo relevant to scrumptious! usagijen: and it so happens that H&C is featured in that book, the very first one too. usagijen: ever wondered why the opening of H&C is the way it is? Related posts:Life Goes On… with Honey and Clover
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