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Naruto confronts Sasuke.Negotiations have failed. Thank goodness.Summary:After Naruto rescues Sakura from Sasuke's hands, Kakashi forces Sasuke back further with a punch. Naruto tries to reason with Sasuke, but Sasuke is too concerned about revenge to listen. Naruto calls up a shadow clone and gets ready for battle, but Kakashi tells Naruto and Sakura that he'll handle it. However, Naruto disagrees and grabs Kakashi while the other clone runs out to meet the approaching Sasuke. As Naruto's Rasengan meets Sasuke's Chidori, the two share a moment in some meta-space. In the meta-space, Naruto states he knows how Sasuke feels and is glad to have met Sasuke, but Sasuke sticks with his revenge scheme and tells Naruto to either A: kill him or B: be killed. Instead of choosing A or B, Naruto chooses option C as the action moves back to the real world.~~~~~~~~~~~~~That was slightly less talking than I imagined, and that's probably a good thing. The worst thing we could have had was Naruto driveling for an entire chapter and begging Sasuke to come back. Looks like Naruto has realized that talking isn't going to bring Sasuke back. I'm hoping that option C involves beating Sasuke up (maybe breaking a few of Sasuke's limbs in the process) and blindfolding Sasuke and then drag Sasuke back to Konoha. I doubt this battle will reach a conclusion given that Sasuke is at a significant disadvantage. Sasuke will probably slip away somehow.On another note, I'm glad that Karin only need a few minutes to get over Sasuke. I guess it takes Sakura and Naruto so much longer because Sasuke hasn't stabbed them yet.
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