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Ended up rewatching the last two episodes of Hataraki Man after reading the comments in our recent Anniv post, which brought me back to the time I started out blogging [we started out blogging, fellow chefs and I]. Was it fun? Spending hours writing episodic summaries, rewatching each episode about 3-4 times to catch almost all the details, reading the novel side-by-side the anime and jotting down the discrepancies and what fans are missing out on, or taking up days to come up with thoughts on a particular episode (which, by then, have already spanned a couple of eps due to delay). The struggle was definitely not, but during those times the drive to blog was so strong that I barely noticed it. And seeing at least 1 person appreciate what you wrote (even if you never really expected it), or having been given the otsukare! pat in the back by your co-blogger and/or commenters, is enough to make you feel that it was all worth it. Related posts:Life Goes On… with Honey and Clover
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