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Chapter 494: Killerbee and Motoi The story of the Hachibi reflects Kumogakure's darkness. Chapter highlights: During those times, Hachibi has no host. He had gone into rampage several times and it brought destruction to the whole village. It was only the Sandaime Raikage and other elite members were able to stop Hachibi and seal him back to his pot at the cost of many casualties. And one of those casualties was Motoi's father. However, in order to maintain the power balance in other countries, they had to be able to control the Hachibi, so they continued experimenting with hosts. Bee and Motoi were friends. Motoi was only 5 when his father was killed.  Motoi's father died extracting the Hachibi from its previous host.  Soon afterwards, Bee was chosen to become the new host while Motoi's hatred for the Hachibi continued to grow.  He planned for revenge while the whole village vented their anger towards Bee because they know that Hachibi always bring them disaster.  He thought that if he can kill Bee, then the Hachibi can be killed too.  But Bee was always smiling.  He attacked from behind and failed. He got scared and ran away. He knows that Bee knew it was him and afterwards, he stopped talking to him.  The villagers hate Bee and that's when Motoi realized that Bee was hurting more than he was.  Motoi says that he said this to Naruto because he is also a host. He knows he has to tell Bee at some point in time because if not, he will always regret it.  Naruto said he wants to be alone. He remembered his painful childhood and how the villagers loved him right now. He also taught about Gaara and how he managed to become the respected Kazekage of the Sand.  Naruto wants sometime to be alone as he is remembering the evil Naruto saying that he is the "evil Naruto", he realized that somwhere in his heart that he doubts the trust the village shows to him. Suddenly, Motoi was attacked by a giant squid. Yamato asked Naruto to go with Formation C when suddenly, Naruto, thinking that is an octopus called for Killer Bee to save his friend after saying that Motoi trusts him.  Yamato quickly corrects him that it's a SQUID not an octopus. Naruto thought that Motoi went to Bee to tell the truth and got angry at him but Yamato explained that the squid suddenly attacked them. Yamato and Naruto begin their counterattack Bee arrived to stop the squid.  Surprised, Motoi wonders why Bee saved him. He said that he tried to kill him but Killer Bee answered "When did that happen?" With this, Bee and Motoi's friendship were renewed and Naruto's happily grinning. 
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