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I’m currently listening to AQS fansubbing group’s podcast and I’m laughing my ass off it. The guest speaker of the sixth episode, EnPantsuShakuganLover, was asked about the harem animes he had watched and his favourite character from it. One of the anime he had listed was Kanon while his favourite character is Nayuki, just because she likes... strawberry sundaes! It’s the first time I’ve heard about someone going for Nayuki! :O And hell, one episode of the podcast is, like, 1 hours and 40 minutes! But not all of it is about Kanon anyways. Life has been hectic. I have been so stressed out lately even though it's the school holidays, thanks to the people over at Wikipedia. Haiz...Well, back on topic. More of Shiori in this episode as she finally decided to return to school. Yuuichi, while being as happy as possible in front of Shiori, kept a lot of things which are happening to himself to avoid saddening her. Once again, heavy Shiori images below the cut. >D It reminds me of the vampires from Karin, particularly Maaka Ren if his hair were brown instead of blue that he got burnt for being exposed to light.Shiori, I fully understand how you'll feel when you're being avoided by others. Be strong!A brother...? A BROTHER?! Ahhhh... I'd wish my sister were like Shiori. ;_;Shiori's trademark quote. First time in this episode.Shiori... you really do know nothing about Yuuichi. FYI, he has an intensive history in miracle making! :OEee. *pukes*Yup, and that means no more free lunch for you, Yuuichi. Curry rice. Yum. Reminds me of our own Malaysian Nasi Lemak once sold in my school. It's a pity that they decided to stop selling it.Some reaction you'd expect from Shiori. You better don't promise her that soon...Shiori: Yuuichi's one way ticket to free lunches... again! >OShiori's trademark quote, again. For the second time in this episode, actually. =/Ice cream. Yum. But the place looks farmiliar... oh yeah, Nayuki and Yuuichi went here before! :OHere's why you should never ask for an opinion from Ayu.PlotThe episode starts with Yuuichi reaching home after his meeting with Kaori. Ayu and Piro the cat went over to the door to welcome him back. Yuuichi wasn’t in the mood for anything as he wet back into his room and collapsed onto bed. He then recalled what Kaori said to him sometime before. Indeed, Shiori wouldn’t be able to live to her next birthday and that since and Yuuichi’s a friend of Shiori, Kaori thought that she should tell him as well. Sending Kaori back to her house, Yuuichi told her to get closer to Shiori as she would regret it if she doesn’t. However, Kaori simply ignored what he said.As Yuuichi was thinking, Ayu came into his room. Despite being afraid of the dark, she bravely sat next to Yuuichi on his bed without turning on the lights of the room as Yuuichi requested her not to do so. The next morning in school, Ayu was seen lying down on her table, sleeping. She must have been tired of her practices and having to take care of her sick mother. Yuuichi realised that both the Misaka sisters have been absent that day. Yuuichi went up the hills to the wide field now covered in snow where Makoto disappeared. He found himself powerless to help Shiori. “If it is a lost item we can look for it together; if it is against a demon, we can fight it together. But...” He then, from deep down in his heart, asked Makoto what he could do for a girl who had a small amount of time left. As Yuuichi walked by the park, he noticed Shiori sitting next to the fountain. “This place is more beautiful at night,” she said. However, Yuuichi preferred the noon since it was cold at night. The fountain was beautiful with the lights, but suddenly, some water was sprayed towards Yuuichi and Shiori as Yuuichi got a little mad and wanted to plug off the electricity to the fountain. Shiori started to talk about coming to the fountain together with her family. At that time, her health was much better and that she had had ice-cream with her elder sister. It was the best memory that Shiori can remember. Yuuichi then sarcastically concluded that their date a day before came in second. Shiori said that the date with him was equally fun. Finally, she said ‘If I had more time, I probably would have come to love you more and more, even though I shouldn’t like anyone...”. She wanted to apologize about many things, and she wanted to thank him as well. Yuuichi then came to ask Shiori about her disease. Shiori said that since the name of the disease was too complicated, so she had forgotten it. She then started to talk about the courtyard of the school and that her elder sister had promised her that they’ll have lunch bentos together. She knew the reason why her sister was treating her coldly, so she also tried her best to avoid her as well, because she knew that it was the only thing she could do for her sister. Shiori then asked Yuuichi for a favour and without going through his mind, Yuuichi agreed to do whatever it would be. Shiori wanted Yuuichi to treat her as a normal girl, because when she were to be with him, she can go back to the happy days she had in the past, like going to school, having lunch with others and walking through the shopping district after school, and then getting yelled at by parents for playing outside when she was sick...if possible, she wanted Yuuichi to treat her as if he were her elder brother. As Yuuichi accompanied Shiori back to her house, Shiori said that she’ll be attending school the next day. As they bade goodbye, Yuuichi asked, “Isn’t there any chance of you recovering?” “It may if a miracle were to happen,” was Shiori’s reply, “but it is called a miracle because it doesn’t happen.” Well, Shiori knew nothing at all about Yuuichi. Yuuichi has an intensive history in the work of miracles. :OWhen Yuuichi reached home, he found out that everyone has gone to bed and only Piro the cat was with him. Yuuichi’s dinner as well as a note from Akiko was on the table. In the note, Akiko had told Yuuichi to warm up the soup. Ayu was seen lying down on the table in Yuuichi’s room. Yuuichi decided to carry her back to her own bedroom. The next morning at the dining table, both Nayuki and Ayu who had slept earlier than Yuuichi were seen sleepy. Ayu said that she had had a dream about some ghost carrying her to somewhere. Yuuichi acted as if nothing had happened. In school, Yuuichi was expecting to see Shiori. Suddenly, a fucked-up Kitagawa came up to Yuuichi and acted like a girl. Yuuichi seemed to be a little weak and he wanted to “cheer him up”. Nayuki walked over to Yuuichi and offered to go to the canteen together with him. Since both Sayuri and Mai were in the hospital, he had no lunchmates, and so he agreed. Kitagawa was then seen trying to ask Kaori to go to the canteen with him but he was turned down. Before Yuuichi could realise it, Shiori was seen at the door of the classroom, asking him out. Kitagawa went berserk as he couldn’t believe Yuuichi had laid a hand on a freshman while Kaori was seen leaving the class using the back door. Kitagawa followed her and Yuuichi advised Nayuki to follow her too while he attended to Shiori.At the canteen, Yuuichi brought over their orders, curry rice. As he asked Shiori about her coming to school, she said the doctor had given her the permission to do so until the coming Saturday. Yuuichi thought to himself, “Saturday... the day before Shiori’s birthday.” Fear was seen in the eyes of Shiori as she looked at the curry rice she ordered. Yuuichi said that the curry that the canteen served was one of the best around and scooped a spoonful into his mouth. Shiori had a spoon of the curry but her face went red immediately and went for a glass of water. Shiori finally confessed that she can’t take in spicy food at all. Yuuichi then asked why she ordered curry. Shiori said that it was because she wanted to eat the same thing he was eating. In the end, Yuuichi had to finish up Shiori’s as well. After that Yuuichi told Shiori to bring something which she can eat. Shiori then offered to make a bento of her own and Yuuichi agreed to the idea. Shiori also promised to make Yuuichi’s share.After school, Yuuichi walked Shiori home. He was looking forward to her bento and promised to finish it no matter how horrible it would be. As Kaori reached home, Shiori welcomed her. However, Kaori didn’t seem to be in the mood to talk with her sister as she said “I’m tired” and went towards her room.The next day during lunch, Shiori was already waiting for Yuuichi in the canteen with the bento she promised to prepare. There were two bento boxes on the table. Shiori said that both were for Yuuichi as she had another smaller one for herself. Since Yuuichi had promised to finish them all, he started to eat. In the end, he did finish up the bentos but he was bloated. After school, Yuuichi brought Shiori to an ice cream café, the one which Yuuichi brought Nayuki to a few episodes earlier. After that, Yuuichi brought Shiori to a strange stuffed animal shop where he had bought the giant anteater for Mai for her birthday. At first Yuuichi was reluctant to enter the shop but then he saw Kaori. He asked Shiori to have a look inside the shop as he suddenly had something to do somewhere else and will be right back. He caught up to Kaori, asking her why did she ran away, and offered her to have tea together. However, Kaori denied having known someone with the name of ‘Shiori’. Shiori and Yuuichi went up the overhead pedestrian bridge as they talked about the shop she went into before. She talked about the interesting old man who gave her lots of explanation about the dolls and recommendation but she had to turn all of them down because she didn’t have money. Yuuichi wasn’t listening as he was spacing out, thinking about Kaori. Shiori continued talking about the weird dolls on sale in the shop. Yuuichi was remembered of Mai when he thought of the anteater doll which he had bought for her and recalled what she had told him about someone besides him running away from hardship. Yuuichi once again spaced out as Shiori had to nudge him. Yuuichi got his senses ad he asked which doll she would want.Back at home, Yuuichi counted his money. He was planning to buy something for Shiori. This is when Ayu came into his room holding Piro in her arms. Yuuichi noticed that Ayu were wearing her headband even though after having her bath. Yuuichi then asked her for her opinion of what should he give Shiori as a birthday present. ‘Taiyaki’ was Ayu’s ultimate answer. Yuuichi sighed. Ayu then thought of other ideas, like bringing her to somewhere, or treating her to good food, as long as it makes her happy. Yuuichi then thought of Kaori. He then got an idea.
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