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Chapter 507: Guy vs. Kisame Guy, don't die please?!?!?!?!  Chapter highlights: Finally, Guy knows that the guy who popped out of the waterfall is not his true self. So looking at Kisame smashed on the floor, Guy thinks that he is pufferfish. (Stupid, right?!HAHA) Bee tells them that he is an Akatsuki spy and the he can't let him escape if they don't want their secret to be kept safe. Samehada goes back to Bee and hugs him and Bee understands that Samehada was forced. Kisame goes to the water and suck Bee's chakra out of him. The other Konoha guy tries to help by using his Hijutsu Ishibari (Secret Technique: Stone Needle), a ninjutsu that stops movement through chakras. But, this doesn't help as well as his chakra was also absorbed! Guy then attacks with Konoha Senpu (Konoha Spiral Wind) and Kisame counters. Kisame is getting away and they can't let him go out since he has discovered a lot of things. Guy volunteers to stop him as he uses his Hachimon Tonko! Dai Roku Keimon (Eight Gates Release! #6 Gate of View) Bee uses his last bit of strength to throw Guy towrds to the coast. Back in the temple, Yamato gives first aid to Naruto after injuring himself because of his new strength. Guy summons his turte in the midair because he need a back to jump on. Meanwhile, Kisame summons a shark where he will sent the scroll containing the information he has found out. Guy manages to catch up and says that he won't let Kisame run away. Guy summons lots of sharks with his Suiton: Senjikizame (Water Release: Thousand Feeding Sharks). Guy has a hard time determining which shark carry the scroll, so he has no other choice but to punch each of them. Guy cannot deal with a thousand sharks so he has no choice but to widen his scope. Guy uses Dai Nana Kyomon (#7 Gate of Wonder). Kisame says that Guy is the third person he has seen that is fluent with Taijutsu. Guy says that he is indeed a rare beast, the Green Beast of Prey, and Guy is still preparing for something bigger. Kisame uses his Daikodan no Jutsu (Great Shark Missile Technique) while Guy is ready with his Hiru Dora (Noon Tiger)! A tough fight and Guy is giving all his best.
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