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Chapter 507: The False Existence Hidu Dora, The Secret of Youth that Breaks Through His Limits vs Daikodan no Justsu....Kisame vs. Guy!!! OMGEEE. Guy is really cooooool.  Chapter highlights: Daikodan is no ordinary jutsu. The jutsu itself absorbs chakras to grow bigger and stronger. So, the stronger the opponent's ninjutsu is, the better it works.  But, the effect doesn't affect Guy at all. Daikodan isn't getting any bigger. Guy releases gus attack and is seen by Naruto and Yamato, who is running towards them. Yamato warns all off them to clear the area if they don't want to be caught in the blast. Kisame got affected by the attack. Guy got hold of the scroll and stands over Kisame. Guy used a jutsu that is not not made up of chakra because Hiru Dora is actually a Taijutsu. Hiru Dora is a punch, a very fast punch. It concentrates the air pressure in the direction of the opponents and diffuses at once after compressiong. Guy's green chakra is because of anyone who opens the 7th gate sweats color green.  Kisame tries to attack but Guy stops him just in time.  When Naruto and everyone arrived, Kisame is taken as a prisoner so that they can get some intelligence out of him.  The Konoha guy with glasses (OMGEE I don't know him) goes inside Kisame's brain and reveals a bit about his past. Kisame is named Hoshigaki-san, and he seems to be a loner in their village. Kisame was given a special mission of guarding their coded message their team carries and thus, he should protect the code with his life. When Konoha ninja surrounds them, Kisame killed his teammates, to protect the secret they are carrying. Kisame also killed his boss because he was communicating with the enemy. It was then that the he got into possession Samehada. Madara appears, controlling the Mizukage. Kisame can't believe that Madara is alive. As Madara is about to show himself to Kisame, and thus to the one reading his memory, Kisame bit his tongue and breaks free. 
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