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The conclusion to Konan vs. Madara. I guess Madara's "intangible-ness" must protect his hearing, or else he'd be deaf after listening to that for 10 mintues. Summary: Konan calls up billions of pieces of explosive tags and surrounds Madara with them. From experience, Konan knows that Madara can't absorb the tags quick enough and can only remain intangible for five minutes, and Konan has prepared enough explosive tags to continually blow up for 10 minutes. After burning through all the tags, Konan thinks she has won, but Madara stabs her from behind. Madara explains that he somehow used Izanagi to survive and goes on a bit of a history lesson. One needs the powers of both the Uchiha and Senju to use Izanagi, and Madara fought Senju in order to steal Senju's abilities. Konan breaks away from Madara and Madara gets ready to finish Konan off, but both notice that the sky is clearing up. Konan takes it as a sign of support and prepares for one last ditch attack, but Madara grabs her first and puts her under genjutsu in order to extract the Rinnegan's location. Later, Madara finds his way to the room where Yahiko and Nagato's bodies were placed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Konan put up a decent fight, but as expected Madara wins by pulling out some Uchiha eye-hax technique and gets to what he wants. Eye-hax just can't be beat by conventional means, although Konan did do some damage before losing out, and the damage revealed that Madara actually has two Sharingans. This could be evidence against the popular theory that Madara is in Obito's body, but Madara might have just stole a Sharingan from someone. As Danzo has shown, Sharingans are not all that rare. The big revelation this chapter is that Madara is on the quest to collect all of the six paths, the three of them being Uchiha powers, Senju powers and the Rinnegan. I don't remember if the other three paths were ever mentioned, so I wonder what Madara is going to go after next after he gets the Rinnegan. It'd be fun if Konan puts some booby-traps near Nagato and Yahiko's bodies, although Madara would probably know about them after he extracted info from Konan. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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