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The ambush squadrons from both sides run into each other. A shinobi should always watch his/her back even when falling downwards. Summary: From the sky, Deidara toss bombs into the forest in order to flush out the three scouts from the Shinobi army, but he is being stifled by Muta Aburame's bugs. Muta tells his bugs to take a message scroll to home base but he is then hit by an explosion. Meanwhile, the Shinobi Army is mobilizing and evacuating feudal lords from certain countries. In the forest near Madara's hideout, Anko has been defeated by Kabuto. Some distance away, the Shinobi Army ambush squad led by Kankuro sets up camp near enemy territory and Kankuro sends Sai out for more scouting. As the camp is being set up, Saji (one of the squad's sensors) spots Muta coming through the woods and runs to his aid, but Saji is grabbed by Muta who is controlled by Sasori. Kankuro and the other sensor Hoheto figures out that Muta is carrying a bomb from Deidara and immediately telling Ittan (earth element user) to erect a wall as Deidara sets off the bomb. The wall comes up in time to block the explosion and Kankuro manages to retrieve Saji using his puppet technique, but Muta is dead. Sasori sends the other two scouts under his control at the ambush squad but they are fended off by Omoi. The zombie from "Root" also jump in but is stomped in mid air by the returning Sai. Deidara appears on his owl, but Sasori and Chuukichi remains out of sight. Deidara declares that his side will win this battle of ambush squads because zombies can't be killed by conventional means. The "Root" zombie that Sai stomped on gets up and reveals that he is Sai's older brother, and he tells Sai to run. Sai is taken aback, but Omoi, who was nervous earlier, is ready to fight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The first battle of the war has started, and the good guys aren't off to a great start as their advance recon squad is taken out and their ambush squad failed to ambush anyone. Predictably, Anko got owned in a snake fight once again and is possibly dead now, and things are not looking good for the ambush squad as Kabuto's zombies are too much of a cheat. The good guy's plan about capturing Kabuto and using genjutsu to make him recall the zombies sound like bit of a stretch, but distracting Kabuto enough will probably make him loose control of the zombies that don't like him. Back to the battle at hand, the obvious match ups right now are Kankuro vs. Sasori (puppet vs puppet), and Sai vs. his dead brother, but we'll see if Deidara or Chuukichi will be matched up with anyone in particular. I'm leaning towards the good guys losing this battle, but some of the more "important" members (like Kankuro, Omoi, or Sai) will probably survive to tell the tale. It'll probably be a while until we see Naruto in action. The battles still have to work their way up to that point. Let's hope the long string of battles in Naruto will turn out to be better than what happened in Bleach. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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