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More zombies lead to more upcoming battles. For amusement, Kabuto could leave the 2nd Mizukage and Tsuchikage alone and let them go at each other. Summary: Realizing the 2nd Tsuchikage Mu has been detected by Gaara's forces, Kabuto makes the Tsuchikage summon the zombies of the 2nd Mizukage, the 4th Kazekage (Gaara's dad), and the 3rd Raikage (the current Raikage's dad). Meanwhile, Darui's forces near the coast are faced with thousands of Zetsu clones, resurrected Leaf ninjas, Kakuzu, and two powerful ninjas from the Cloud known as the Kin and Gin Brothers. At the Shinobi Army command center, A (the current Raikage) gets news of the attacking forces from the sensors and wants to join the fray, but Shikaku advises him against it. Shikaku then formulates a complex plan to respond to the zombies and Zetsu clones and talks A into agreeing with the plan, but Onoki (the current Tsuchikage) adds that he has to go stop Mu because Mu has the ability beyond a bloodline limit called a "bloodline expansion". Back in the rocky area, the four Kage zombies are chatting, and Gaara's dad senses that Gaara is spying on them. Meanwhile, Black Zetsu makes his way to the buildings where the feudal lords are staying. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Instead of getting a fight between Gaara and Mu, we get a chapter that introduces a whole lot of other zombies and sets up for a bunch of more battles. Gaara will probably be fighting his father instead and Onoki will handle Mu, but we don't know who is going to handle the other two Kages or the other zombies quite yet. The good guys have held up so far, but with Kage-class enemies popping up and Black Zetsu getting to the feudal lords, things probably won't go quite as smoothly as Shikaku and the current Kages had planned. Two things we do know for sure are 1) things will probably get much worse for the good guys before they get better and 2) it'll probably be a long time before we see Naruto in action. Hopefully the next round of battles will be more fun than what has been shown thus far. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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