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Black Zetsu goes after the feudal lords, while other battles are starting. I don't get it: Why couldn't Black Zetsu just travel underground and through all the floors to get to the room instead of jumping in and tripping the traps? Summary: Black Zetsu jumps into the compound housing the feudal lords but only find booby-trapped dummies. The shinobis on guard try to capture Black Zetsu but Black Zetsu easily escapes. Meanwhile, Terumi (the current Mizukage) is guarding the feudal lords at another hiding location. The Shinobi has five locations and move the lords to another location every so often. Having missed his target the first time, Black Zetsu employs another technique and merges with a tree and the land to spot his targets. On the coast, Darui leads his army against the advancing Zetsus and zombies. Darin makes the first move and unleashes his black lightning technique (inherited from the third Raikage) on the Zetsus, and the battle breaks out. Meanwhile, Kankuro's ambush squad is confronted by the zombies of Kimimaro, Chiyo, Hanzo, and Chuukichi, and Kankuro is planning to retreat. In the rocky area, Gaara is joined by Oonoki. At the same time, Kitsuchi's Division is ordered to mobilize. Back on the coast, Darui confronts the Kin and Gin Brothers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not much to report on this week. The war is moving along, and there will be a couple of battles going on in parallel, but the series hasn't decided whether to focus on one of these battles or jump around between the conflicts. Some of the Konoha zombies found their live relatives/friends in this chapter, but no real drama just yet. The most notable thing in this chapter was probably Black Zetsu failing to find the feudal lords, but I think he'll get to the nobles eventually so this miss is just a way to drag things on for longer. Meanwhile, still no Naruto, Sasuke, or Madara in sight, and given how things are going we might not see them for a long time. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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