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The New Fishman Pirates invade Ryuuguu Palace. Don't mock your king, especially when he's right. Summary: At the palace, Zoro and the Straw Hats manage to defeat all the human pirates that were tossed into the palace, but the Straw Hats failed to notice that the enemy pirates have opened the main gate. Meanwhile near a bus stop, Robin manages to escape from pursuing soldiers and she is trying to find the poneglyph on Fishman Island. Near the Sea Forest, Franky has recruited a merman named Den (who is the younger brother of Tom) to re-coat the Sunny, and Den teaches Franky a thing or two about merfolk/fishfolk genetic inheritance. Franky also notices Jinbei sitting not far away, and Den explains that Jinbei can't enter the city because he is a wanted criminal. Since the main gate to the palace was left open, Hodi, Decken and their forces make their way to the palace lobby with no opposition. Thinking that Decken had taken Shiraboshi, King Neptune demands for his daughters return, and this prompts Decken to throw a giant piece of coral to find out Shiraboshi's bearings. When the coral flies away from Shiraboshi's tower, Decken jumps onboard and vows to make Shiraboshi his bride or kill her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The whole misunderstanding with the Straw Hats has given the bad guys an easy entry into the palace, and half of the crew is now caught between the conflict of the Neptune Army and New Fishman Pirates whether they want to or not. Zoro's policy seems to be beating up whoever comes at him, but Hodi's crew is probably a lot tougher than King Neptune or the tossed pirates so things might get a little dicey for the four crew members at the palace. Luffy and Shiraboshi are also not safe as Decken is headed their way, but Decken is on his own so Luffy can probably beat him (especially given how Decken can't swim and doesn't have the environmental advantage that other fishmen would have). I found it a bit strange that the princes are nowhere to be seen, but I guess they took off to look for the other Straw Hats before the gate was opened. So it looks like we are going to get a couple of fights very soon, and there is also Robin looking for more stuff on the Blank Century. The New Fishman Pirates and Decken aren't too impressive at first sight, but maybe there will be more to it to this arc other than just beating up these guys. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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