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Choji powers up to take on Asuma, while Naruto figures something is up. Killer Bee probably can't guard a chair, let alone Naruto Summary: Choji powers up with the Butterfly technique and concentrates the chakra into his right hand. Ino and Shikamaru then use two white Zetsus to force Asuma into Choji's path, and Choji (now having turned giant), smashes Asuma into the cliff side with his right hand. Shikamaru then immobilizes Asuma with a variant of his Shadow Mimic and the sealing squad arrives to wrap Asuma up. After Asuma is taken care of, Choji powers up with more of the butterfly chakra and plans to end the battle. Meanwhile, back inside the training room inside the giant turtle, Naruto is tired from training but during training he also sensed the nine-tails chakra from outside. Killer Bee is supposed to keep Naruto in the room, but he lets Naruto out on a bathroom break despite the eight-tails warning him about it again and again. Naruto walks outside and quickly runs into a group of guards who advises Naruto to go back inside the room. Naruto wonders what's going on, and Iruka appears from the group of guards to talk to Naruto. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Asuma vs. Ino-Shika-Cho drama is finally over... for now. Choji finally mans up, and the team makes quick work of Asuma. I was expecting Asuma to pass on after seeing Ino-Shika-Cho perform so well together, but maybe he needs to see his kid before he's willing to leave the living world for good. As for Choji trying to end the battle with his Butterfly technique... well if he is that powerful, why didn't he do this sooner? It would certainly saved the lives of many nameless shinobi grunts, but then again nobody cares about the nameless shinobi grunts. After all the jumping around from battle to battle between secondary... more like tertiary characters, we finally get a look at Naruto who finally figures out something is amiss. If someone more diligent than Killer Bee was looking after Naruto then Naruto might still be in the room, but it is Killer Bee and so Naruto manages to sneak out with the easy "bathroom time" excuse. It was funny seeing the eight-tails trying to be the responsible one and remind Killer Bee of his duties. I wonder what Iruka is going to tell Naruto to keep him from going outside. Now that Naruto has figured out that something is wrong, it won't be easy to convince him to stay indoors, and I hope Naruto actually does go outside and starts getting involved with the war. It wouldn't be Naruto without Naruto. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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