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This is an episode where Ayu gets all the limelight. Nayuki wasn't too happy about it but she was still able to control herself. It was also in this episode that Ayu brought Yuuichi to her 'school'......."Osoi-yo, Yuuichi-kun!""I have two more wishes, right?""It's embarrassing to hold hands, but it is not to kiss?"Yuuichi laughing at Ayu's 'ore'.Ayu trying out Nayuki's uniform.A special commercial: Piro the cat with Hyaka-ya's cup noodles.Ayu outside in the snow!"Only a tree got cut down...""There definitely is one here!A tree stump in the middle of the forest...Ayu digging the ground with her hands..."I'm sorry..." Ayu says.PlotThis episode continues from the last moments of the previous episode where Ayu had her lips pressed on Yuuichi’s lips. They were kissing. When she finally stopped, she had tears in her eyes and her face was as red as the strong evening sun that was shining at them. She realised what she had done as she looked at Yuuichi and without waiting any longer, apologized to him. Yuuichi, also turning red, told her not to apologize. Ayu felt guilty for ignoring Yuuichi’s feelings, and it was then, a confession came directly from Yuuichi: “I love you, Ayu. Do you love me, Ayu?” She took a two-second pause, but after that, she said, “I’ve loved you since a long, long time ago, too! I think that if you love me, then I can love you back forever!” Yuuichi smiled. She then said quietly, “I think it’s something like that... ahaha, what am I saying? I shouldn’t be saying things that isn’t me.” “No, my thoughts are exactly the same,” Yuuichi said. “We’ve waited for 7 years, so we need to take back the time we’ve lost.” Ayu became emotional as she went over to Yuuichi and hugged him. “Then, let’s meet here again after school, too, like we used to,” Ayu then said. “Yeah,” Yuuichi answered. “Like we used to.” The two of them then walked back home together. Somewhat, Nayuki was able to sense something different about them. She was helping Akiko-san preparing the table for dinner when the two returned home. Akiko-san only told the two of them to get a change of clothes as Nayuki told them that the bath’s ready too. Yuuichi told Ayu to take her shower first but she said that she wanted to help out with setting up the table, but Nayuki said that it was okay. She said that the marathon was over and it was about time she’d help her mother. So, Yuuichi managed to persuade Ayu to take a bath before him. Meanwhile, Nayuki didn’t seem too happy as Akiko went next to her, patted her shoulder and said, “Well, let’s get to work. It has been a while since I last cooked with you.”Ayu was still thinking about the kiss in the bath as she touched her lips. On the other hand, Yuuichi was reading a magazine as Piro the cat went near to him.At night, Yuuichi dreamed:“Osoi-yo, Yuuichi-kun!” Ayu said to Yuuichi. Yuuichi was late that day because he had some preparations to take care of. He was going back to his hometown so he needed to do some packing and cleaning up. Ayu’s facial expression changed from frustration to utter disappointment. “Hey, don’t put that face on. We still have today and tomorrow.”Again, they went to the big tree and Ayu climbed it. A breeze was blowing as she was able to see the city under the rays of the orange sunset. Ayu took out the angel doll from her pocket. She had two more wishes that Yuuichi had promised to grant, anything, as long as he was able to. Yuuichi couldn’t remember a thing after that... The next morning, Nayuki was seen sitting next to the dining table having breakfast. Yuuichi was badly surprised by the fact that she was able to wake up that early as she would usually be asleep then. The marathon was over so she didn’t have to go to school that early. After she had her breakfast, she went to school ahead of Yuuichi.“You’re early too,” Yuuichi remarked as he walked the pathway to school with Ayu. “Yep, since I want to be the first one to show up in class, once in a while,” Ayu answered. Ayu said that it was fun to meet friends that she only sees at school. They bade goodbye at a junction as Yuuichi advised her not to follow a stranger even if she were given a Taiyaki. Lol. “Uguu~”In class, Yuuichi wasn’t paying attention to the teacher teaching in front as he was thinking about something..Then after class, Yuuichi went to the place he had promised to meet Ayu, only to hear her say the same thing from her, “Osoi-yo, Yuuichi-kun!” Yuuichi’s excuse was that he had cleaning duty. “So, where do you want to go?” Yuuichi asked. “That’s place!” was Ayu’s answer, but all that came out of Yuuichi was, “That place?” Ayu’s cheerfulness faded that very moment. “Ahaha... where could that place be?” she asked. In the end, they decided to go to the shopping district. Yuuichi then offered to hold hands with her, but she hesitated. “I don’t want to. It’s embarrassing”. “Kissing is fine, but it’s embarrassing to holding hands?” Yuuichi asked. But as they walked, Ayu finally asked him to hold hands. They went through the place but still couldn’t find Ayu’s missing item. Night fell. They sat at a bench as they had a rest. “Maybe it’s better if we don’t find it,” Ayu finally said. “What I’m looking for must be something I don’t need if I’m happy.” Yuuichi simply answered, “Okay.”“I’ve been wondering for a while, but why do you always use ‘boku’ to refer to yourself?” Yuuichi suddenly asked Ayu. For those who don’t know about it, in the Japanese language, usually only male would use ‘boku’. Females would usually use ‘atashi’ or ‘watashi’. “Why? But I’ve always used ‘boku’,” Ayu said. Yuuichi then jokingly suggested that she should use ‘ore’ instead. ‘Ore’ is another form of ‘I’ with a stronger connotation than ‘boku’, according to the translator’s note in the episode. “Heeh?~” Ayu groaned. But nevertheless, she still tried it and it made Yuuichi laugh out loud. He then persuaded her to use ‘atashi’ again by telling her that she might have problems in the future if she were to continue using ‘boku’. Unwillingly, she then said, “Atashi!”, but this time Yuuichi didn’t laugh. “Were you just playing with me?” Ayu finally asked, irritated.Yuuichi overheard the conversation between Ayu and Nayuki where they were saying, “You’re cute,” “Maybe it’s a little big,” or something along that line. Yuuichi then went to see what’s going on. It seems that Nayuki had borrowed Ayu her old school uniform since Ayu’s school didn’t have one. Yuuichi was badly shocked to see Ayu in it as he blushed. “The size isn’t right” he commented. “Uguu~” Ayu lamented. “Your school must be a nice school. They even have cute uniforms.” She said. “Your school’s nice and relaxed too. I’ve never seen you studying.” Yuuichi remarked. “Your school’s in the forest, right?” Nayuki asked. “Yep, at the end of the city, up on the top of the hill.” “When did they built a school there?” Nayuki wondered. It was around 11 at night. Yuuichi was listening to his portable disc player while reading a magazine. He suddenly noticed someone outside on the veranda, only to realise that it was Ayu. She had been waiting in the snow for him to come out. He apologised to her as she said it wasn’t his fault. “So, you’re here as a robber tonight?” Yuuichi joked. “Uguu~ A robber won’t knock!” Ayu said. “Then, what were you doing out there?” “I just wanted to chat with Yuuichi-kun”. “The just come via the hallway!” “But I might wake Nayuki up with the footsteps.” “She won’t be awakened that easily. You’re such an Idiot” “You don’t have to be so blunt about it...” Yuuichi planted a kiss on Ayu’s forehead.The two had a chat outside Yuuichi’s room on the veranda. He said that he wanted to see Ayu’s school. Ayu then offered to take him to her school the next day after he finishes his class and Yuuichi accepted it. “Then, let’s meet at the bench by the train station, again.”The next morning, Nayuki ran to school ahead of Yuuichi as practice for her next match had begun. Yuuichi accompanied Akiko-san who had to leave the house early to go to work. Yuuichi thought of it and realised that he never knew what she was working as. Akiko suddenly talked about Yuuichi’s memories seven years ago and mentioned a tree got cut down...After school, Yuuichi told Nayuki, “I’m off to school.” He met Ayu who was waiting for him and they had taiyakis. The two chatted about, asking each other funny questions like, “Am I your first love,” or something like that. He remembered something sad happened, but couldn’t tell what was it. “Are you happy now?” Yuuichi asked and she answered, “Yep, but sometimes, I’m not sure. It’s frightening, and it feels like the reality in front of me is just a dream.” “You’re thinking too much,” Yuuichi remarked. “Now’s not the same as seven years ago. When winter comes to an end and spring comes, I’ll still be in this city.” Ayu started to cry as her tears dripped onto her taiyaki. “Your taiyaki’s going to become salty...” Yuuichi said. “I don’t care.” Ayu retorted. “It’ll be a nostalgic taste.”“How long does it take to go to your school?” Yuuichi asked. “Err... about thirty minutes...” Ayu answered. Ayu somehow, seem to get worried. They went up the snowy hills, sinking their shoes into the thick snow, step by step. “Hey, is there really a school at a place like this?” Yuuichi couldn’t help but ask. It took her sometime to answer, but she said, “There is one. There definitely is one!” “Are you sure with the directions?” “Yes, I went to it today too, and met my friends...”She continued on walking until she reached the top of the hill. “There, you can see it now..” But there was only a tree stump. There used to be a big tree here, and it was then, Yuuichi recalled what Akiko-san had told him, “Only a tree got cut down...”.I don’t know how to describe the following scene, but Ayu was struggling with sadness, insisting that there’s a school here. She started to cry. “It’s a joke! It can’t be! This can’t be true! There was school today too!” But then she realised that, even her schoolbag was empty. “Ayu, what happened? What’s going on?!” “I need to find it...” Ayu said as she started to run away. Yuuichi ran after her from behind as he ended up on a pathway. Ayu started digging using her hands, saying that the thing she was looking was buried somewhere there. Yuuichi took off his coat, put it over Ayu, and started digging. Ayu was touched as she started to cry again. The snow kept on falling. In the end, they dug many holes, but still couldn’t find Ayu’s lost item. As Yuuichi went to grab Ayu’s backpack, Ayu said weird things like, “I don’t think I’ll be able to meet you again. It’s been seven years since we’ve last met, but I’m sorry.” It was too late when Yuuichi turned back. Ayu was gone.
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