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Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate was the only show which truly interested me right from the beginning of the summer 2012 anime season. Not only is it a romance-themed show, it flawlessly integrates various aspects of comedy, dark drama, and slice-of-life into one invigoratingly original show. Being a huge fan of romance genre shows myself, seeing something so uniquely different and one-of-a-kind certainly is a treat. Most of the characters do fit into some sort of stereotypical category, however it is done so in a diverse way, allowing for each character to develop their own personalities and showcase their abilities individually. Add in a couple prolific voice actors including Nakamura Yuuchi, Asakwa Yuu and Kugimiya Rie just to name a few, and we have a show that's destined to appeal to a variety of people.Read more »
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