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As most of the Konoha ninjas scatter to look for Pain's real body, Hinata jumps into the battlefield in an attempt to save Naruto.Summary:Among the wreckage, the remaining able-bodied Konoha ninjas split into groups to find Pain's real body. Meanwhile, Team Guy is moving through the forest and Neji spots Gamikichi lying on the ground not far away.Back on the battlefield, God Realm puts a few more blades through Naruto's body in preparation for extracting the demon fox. Shima tells Naruto not to give up, but God Realm sends the old frog flying. As God Realm moves in to perform the ritual, Hinata jumps in and puts herself between God Realm and Naruto. Naruto tells Hinata to retreat, but Hinata just had an epiphany and states that she's willing to die protecting Naruto because she loves him. Hinata charges at God Realm but is knocked out by his repulsion field, and God Realm finishes her off with his blade. Seeing Hinata being killed in front of him, Naruto snaps and draws upon the demon fox chakra to turn into a six-tailed monster. God Realm is however not intimidated and states that his pain is greater than Naruto's.Oh you've done it now, Pain.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wow, Hinata's sudden buildup of courage and subsequent death was quick... almost too quick. If Hinata is going to die, shouldn't she get at least one more chapter to give her last words? I suppose that "I love you" were the last words, and maybe Hinata is not that important anyways or maybe she isn't really dead yet (a la Kakashi). Whatever the case, Naruto has gone into crazy demon fox mode like a lot of us have predicted, although this came a little earlier than I expected since Naruto still has one sage-chakra clone left. Maybe demon fox Naruto is going to get beat up, and then Naruto will go back to sage techniques to finish the job. It should be quite an interesting fight in the next chapter.
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