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Some of you might complain because I am doing two consecutive Kanon updates. Well... I'd finish off Kanon before doing any other reviews such as Shuffle! and Digimon Savers. I need to do one by one.I do not know what the word "Divertimento" means, and I refuse to look up the dictionary, because I doubt I'd find anything there. However, it sounds like some musical word. Ignore that for now. Nothing is mysterious enough in this episode, other than the Shiori and Yuuichi conversation. She speaks sweetly enough, and I think that it is obvious that she likes Yuuichi. She even waited for him since noon under the snow on a Sunday, clinging on a small hope on meeting Yuuichi. In that case, why don't Yuuichi just give her his handphone number or his address at Akiko's place? The so-called "demon" Mai was trying to hunt was also mysterious enough to not be seen with naked eyes.It's a pity that Kaori and Sayuri didn't appear in this episode at all. The two must be some minor character, I suppose? I sure hope more to come out from the two.Yuuichi sending the fireworks back to MakotoThe episode started like the few previous episodes: Makoto trying to attack Yuuichi. In this episode, she had two attempts. In the first time, she tried fireworks, but Yuuichi successfully removed all the "bombs" in time before they exploded. Two tickets to a movie.. Akiko-san had given Ayu the tickets so that she can go watch a movie with Yuuichi."A date...?" *yawn*"Do I have to find a job?"Yuuichi decided that it's time for Makoto to look for a job."I plan to put up a trap... so that I can catch those who walk around when they are sick!"Yuuichi puts his jacket around Shiori..Shiori, as I had said before, waited for Yuuichi since noon. Yuuichi tried to be mean at Shiori by saying that he would set up a trap to catch her if she were to walk around when she is still sick. Again, I think that Shiori was quite horny, as when Yuuichi said 'Can I ask you a question?', Shiori replied 'anything other than my weight and three sizes'. It's obvious that Shiori's a flatboard. It's just that no one talks about it. -_-;"Arrrrgh...!"Yuuichi was late for the movie show he had promised Ayu to go with her. It was a horror movie show and Ayu wasn't use to it... or in other words, she was scared to even look at the screen. Yuuichi took the opportunity to tease her."I slept during the interview..."So... Makoto failed her interview because she slept through it. Yuuichi was furious. Akiko had offered her a job in a nursery instead."Mai!""What happened?"Again, Yuuichi visited Mai in school at night. Mai was fighting a demon. She had also asked Yuuichi to look after Makoto..."What are you planning to do with this much miso soup?!"Here's Makoto's second attempt this episode to fool Yuuichi. But... it was totally obvious. Well, who knew whether a clever Yuuichi would fall for such a simple prank? Well, I'm glad that he did realize that it was miso soup, or else he would have been cooked, lol. =]
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