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The party continues at Impel Down.Summary:The Blackbeard Pirates break into Level 1 of Impel Down but they run into Shiryuu. Down in Level 4, the guards are being overrun by prisoners after the three Demon Guards were defeated. Sadie-chan is still holding her own against the prisoners, but she is soon confronted by Ivankov who has changed to a more attractive female form. Luffy uses the opportunity to get past Sadie-chan but he runs into Hanyabal who is wielding his double-ended blade. Luffy proceeds to pummel Hanyabal, but Hanyabal is surprisingly resilient and continues to block Luffy's path. Meanwhile, Magellan has arrived at Level 4 but the rioting prisoners are on the other side of the level, which means it'll take a bit of time for Magellans to reach the combat zone.Back near the stairways to Level 3, Hanyabal starts lecturing Luffy and the prisoners despite being almost beaten to a pulp by Luffy. Suddenly Blackbeard appears out of nowhere and stomps Hanyabal, and Luffy becomes incensed when he learns that Blackbeard was the person who captured Ace.I wonder why Blackbeard still carries guns despite his awesome Devil Fruit power.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I was expecting a Luffy vs. Magellan rematch, but looks like we might get a Luffy vs. Blackbeard confrontation first. Shiryuu probably let Blackbeard into the prison since the former head gaoler isn't really obligated to defend Impel Down. Maybe Shiryuu has already commandeered a Marine ship and left the place. Back to the situation on Level 4, Luffy definitely wants a piece of Blackbeard but I'm not too sure if the confrontation is going to happen as Luffy is in a hurry to get out of the prisoner, so fighting Blackbeard in addition to the approaching Magellan probably isn't the smartest thing to do. On the other hand, a three way fight between Luffy's group, Magellan and the prison guards, and the Blackbeard Pirates sounds pretty darn exciting.
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