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While everyone is busy rebuilding Konoha, Team Samui delivers the letter to the Hokage.The wood jutsu is a blessing for the village, but a curse for Yamato.Summary:The rebuilding of Konoha has begun and Yamato reconstructs several buildings with his wood jutsu, but he is already low on chakra. Meanwhile, Naruto and Sakura and hanging out near a pile of lumber when they are approached by Inari and Tazuma (the old man and his grandkid that Naruto's team escorted oh so long ago). Inari and Tazuma are carpenters and they have been called by Kakashi to help rebuild the village. Old man Tazuna wonders where Sasuke is, and Naruto awkwardly explains that he and Sasuke had a fight so Sasuke left the village for a while. Naruto promises Inari and Tazuma that he'll bring Sasuke back soon.After Inari and Tazuma move off to start work, Naruto states that he now understand how Sasuke felt and promises Sakura and Kakashi that he'll reunite their team again. Elsewhere, Sasuke and his cohorts are making their way through the forest. Meanwhile, the Konoha ninjas have received the Raikage's request for a meeting of the Kage. Team Samui has also requested an audience with Tsunade but unfortunately Tsunade is still in a coma. At the moment Danzo arrives and informs everyone that he is now the Hokage, and he takes a look at the Raikage's letter concerning Sasuke and Akatsuki. A short time later, Kiba finds Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi and informs them that the new Hokage Danzo has ordered that Sasuke be disposed of as a missing-nin.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The letter from the Raikage finally gets delivered, and Danzo's decision to declare Sasuke a missing-nin isn't all that surprising. Since Sasuke and company did attack the Raikage's brother on behalf of Akatsuki, even Tsunade would have a hard time giving the Raikage some other answer due to political reasons. That's the bad news for Naruto's plans to reunite Team 7. The good news is Naruto doesn't have to look around for Sasuke since Sasuke is (slowly) heading towards the village. Naruto will have take on Danzo one way or another, so he might as well do it by stopping everyone from trying to kill Sasuke (and Sasuke from trying to kill everyone).In other news, it's good to see Inari and Tazuma again. Thanks to the fact that Konoha doesn't have many ninjas like Yamato and that Yamato doesn't have much chakra, there is a need for carpenter to rebuild houses the old-fashioned way and so Inari and Tazuma can make some money off of the village. I find it funny how even Inari and Tazuma arrived at Konoha before Sasuke. If I recall correctly, Inari and Tazuma don't live very close to Konoha, so it must have taken them some time to get to the village. This makes me wonder if Sasuke got lost in the forest lol. Or maybe he is just taking the scenic route. Anyways, Sasuke should be in for quite a surprise when he gets home, if he ever makes it.
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