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Name: The Law of Ueki Genre: Action, Comedy Year: 2005 Rating: Enjoyable Ueki Kousuke is a Hinokuni High School student with a strong sense of justice. After observing Ueki’s personality, Koba-sen a god candidate decides to select Ueki as his representative in the competition to decide the next god. The tournament created by the current god involves heavenly beings becoming candidates and then selecting a representative who will participate in the competition in order to decide a winner. Each representative is then given a power of which can be used to defeat other participants of the tournament. As a prize for the successful competitor he or she is given a blank Zai of which can be used to give its user any talent they wish. There are many participants who are consumed by hatred and greed. Ueki on the other hand is determined to prevent evil from obtaining the precious blank Zai.
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