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Wow, I don't believe it. There is actually a new chapter for the official Neon Genesis Evangelion manga? The last time I read a new chapter of NGE was near the end of 2007. It only took one and half years to squeeze out a new chapter eh? I suppose the time was chosen to coincide with the release of Rebuild of Evanelion 2.0. It would be mad not for the manga to ride the hype of the new movie.The story of the manga is pretty much the same as the anime and the beginning of the End of Evangelion where NERV HQ is invaded by the military. Here's what happened in chapter 78 (and the last part of 77).No need to state the obvious, Gendo.Summary:Two soldiers find Shinji cowering under some stairs. Given orders to kill Eva pilots on sight, one of the soldier prepares to shoot Shinji, but he is shot by Gendo. The other soldier shoots at Gendo, but Gendo generates an AT field with his left hand to block the bullets,and then he kills the soldier with his own pistol. Gendo orders Shinji to go pilot the Eva, but Shinji decides that now is the best time to confront his father about their distant relationship. Gendo decides to tell the truth and states that he has never loved Shinji because Shinji took away all of his wife Yui's attention. Gendo states that Yui was his only salvation, and he was jealous that Shinji got all the attention and became disillusioned after Yui was taken away by the accident. Gendo explains to Shinji that sooner or later the world is going to be destroyed by the Third Impact, but instead of being reborn, Gendo wants to become God so that nothing can be taken away from him. Gendo bids Shinji to join him in his quest to get revenge on God, but the conversation is interrupted when Misato arrives. Misato can't believe that Gendo is planning on using NERV for his selfish purposes, but Gendo states that the scenario has been laid down a long time ago. Another group of soldiers appear and Gendo turns to deal with them. With Gendo distracted, Misato pulls Shinji away but not before Gendo tells Shinji that Yui is waiting for him at the Eva.Running down the hall, Misato and Shinji are confronted by two more soldiers who Misato promptly kills while Shinji ducks for cover. Shinji wonders where he and Misato are going, and Misato answers that they are going to Unit 01.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The story is still in End of Evangelion territory. Some of the details are different, but right now I still can't tell if the manga is diverging from the movie yet. The characters are still doing more or less the same things: Misato is still kicking ass; Shinji is still "oh I can't do it, I'm depressed"; and Gendo is still "I want my waifu!!!". The main difference in this version of Evangelion is that Gendo actually stated that he doesn't love Shinji to Shinji's face, and that Gendo actually infused some Angel parts into his left arm. Gendo's words certainly doesn't help Shinji, but I can't see Shinji becoming even more wussy and emo since he has already reached the epitome of those two qualities. Also, I think deep down inside Shinji already knows that Gendo doesn't love him. Anyways, there are some perhaps significant differences, but it's not enough to tell if the manga is going for a different ending.If the manga goes for a different ending than the End of Evangelion, then I wonder if it's going to go for the new alternative ending that supposedly will come with one of the next Rebuild of Evangelion films. However, Rebuild of Evangelion has different character though, so maybe we'll get another alternative ending? Who knows, but I'm guessing the manga will probably end when the last movie comes out.
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