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While Sasuke's gang sneaks towards the meeting place, Naruto catches up to the Kumogakure entourage and begs the Raikage to forgive Sasuke.Instead of a meeting, the Kages decide to have a little game of No-limit Texas Hold'em.Summary:In the Land of Iron, Sasuke's group has found a route to sneak into the meeting place. Using Karin's chakra sensing abilities, Sasuke and his comrades are able to avoid the samurai guards and sneak further towards their destination. Elsewhere, Danzo receives a message from Sai but tells his guards that it's just an update.Meanwhile, the Raikage and his two guards meet up with Team Samui, but the Raikage's guards also discover Naruto's group following Team Samui. Since there's no point hiding anymore, Naruto gets on his knees and begs the Raikage to retract Sasuke's execution order, but the Raikage refuses. Yamato brings up some of Kumo's prior incursions into Konoha, but Raikage cites that strength is everything in the ninja world. After giving Naruto a lecture about how begging for the mercy of a criminal is not friendship, the Raikage leaves for the meeting with his guards, leaving Naruto bowed over in the snow.Back in Konoha, Sai thinks more about his prior conversations with Naruto and decides he can't just sit back and do nothing, and so he goes to talk to Sakura. Back in the land of Iron, Sasuke's group has sneaked into the meeting place and Zetsu identifies Danzo for Sasuke. With all five Kages gathered, the moderator Mifune starts the meeting.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Naruto got to the Raikage sooner than expected, and thankfully the Raikage had enough wisdom not to succumb to Naruto's funny logic. Naruto groveling on the ground begging for a guy who doesn't give a damn about him was just so pathetic, and (unfortunately) this is probably not the last time he'll beg the Raikage to forgive Sasuke. Other than Naruto's irrational obsession over Sasuke, I must say that the situation is getting pretty interesting. The five Kages are together for the talks while Sasuke has sneaked in and IDed Danzo. Naruto's group is obviously not going to leave, and Sai might arrive with Sakura some time later. It should be quite the party when Sasuke makes his attempt on Danzo's life.
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