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Sasuke's group is tracked down.Well, at least the samurais got one panel of coolness before they became fodder.Summary:At the Kages' summit, White Zetsu appears out of nowhere and urges everyone to look for Sasuke. The Raikage grabs Zetsu by the throat to get more info, but he grabbed too hard and appears to have killed Zetsu. The other Kages and their guards get ready for combat, while Mifune orders his samurais to search for Sasuke.In the snowy town not far away, Naruto is woken up by the voice of Madara. Yamato and Kakashi spring into action and Yamato manages to bind Madara, but the three Konoha ninjas know that their attacks can't really hurt Madara. Madara states that he is here to talk and wants to know how Naruto convinced Nagato to betray him, but Naruto wants to hear about Sasuke and Madara agrees to serve up the story.Back on the summit grounds, Sasuke's group is tracked down by the samurais. The samurais attack with their chakra-powered weapons, but they are no match for Sasuke and his Sharingans. Suddenly, Karin senses a powerful presence approaching, and soon Sasuke is confronted by the Raikage and his bodyguards.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It's been a decent number of chapters since we saw any real action on Naruto, so this development is a good one in my books. Sasuke vs. the Raikage should be an interesting and pretty competitive match-up. In his last major fight, Sasuke was getting his ass kicked by Killer Bee until he used the Amaterasu hack. Supposedly the Raikage is even more powerful than Killer Bee, but Sasuke looks stronger too, so hard to tell who's going to get the advantage off the start. The other Kages might join in on the hunt though so I'm guessing that Sasuke's group will have to retreat or get captured.In other news, Madara is still trying to pull off his plan for world domination, although how he is going to do it remains a mystery. For now he seems to be content telling Sasuke's story to Naruto, probably just like how he told Itachi's story to Sasuke. Hopefully we'll get more coverage of the fights than the storytelling.
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