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As I have expected, Yuuichi is still as carefree as ever even after Makoto left; even Nayuki and Akiko were sadder than him even though they tried to act as if nothing had happened, especially Akiko-san, whom had done a good job in hiding her real feelings from everyone else that only her daughter had noticed her sadness. In this episode, Ayu was invited to stay together with Yuuichi and Nayuki at Akiko's place as she said that her parents were on vacation. Mai got into trouble with the school while Yuuichi tried his best to improve Mai's tainted image with Sayuri by advising her to join some dancing party.The episode started with Akiko together with Nayuki and Yuuichi having a final look at the room which Makoto had used while she was still here. They had decided not to move a thing away from the room.A few of Nayuki's underclassmen greeting her..Yuuichi walked to school together with Nayuki. Nayuki decided to have a day off from practice since she was still rather sad from a day before. A few girls who happen to be from Nayuki's track team greeted her "Nayuki-senpai". I think it's time for Yuuichi to get the address, too! :OKitagawa was the first to greet Yuuichi and Nayuki as they walk into the classroom. Yuuichi then started a rather humorious dialogue with Kitagawa about wearing the same clothes. Shiori enjoying the ice-cream that Yuuichi bought for her, as if it was her first time!Yuuichi met Shiori who was outside in the cold weather again. Shiori's stomach started to groan out of hunger. Yuuichi then offered to buy her something to eat, but Shiori asked for some... ice-cream! Yuuichi granted her request nevertheless. Mai walking out of the teacher's office safe and sound.During lunch break, he went to the usual place to have lunch but found out that nobody was there. He then overheard someone talking about a "her" getting called to the teacher's office for breaking a window. Yuuichi rushed over to the office and saw that Sayuri was waiting outside. Shortly, Mai walked out of the office. Yuuichi and Sayuri was relieved that Mai didn't get any suspension. Then they went to the place where they had lunch together. Yuuichi about to stick the dancing party's poster at Mai's face... or maybe not.After school, Yuuichi had walked home together with Nayuki. On the way, they talked about how did Nayuki gained her fame among her underclassmen and whether she got any idea to increase one's popularity. Nayuki then introduced the dancing party organized by the student council. Suddenly, Nayuki remembered that she had forgotten her book and went back to class. Yuuichi then looked for Mai and Sayuri and to tell them the news. Mai said that she had no dress while Sayuri offered to look for one and told Yuuichi to help her. This is when Yuuichi remembered that Nayuki was waiting for him…Strawberry sundae... *yum!*Nayuki went and had some strawberry sundaes with Yuuichi looking at her eating happily. After finishing, they left the shop. They met with Ayu whom Nayuki had never met before. They introduced themselves and decided to go home together. Ayu trying to call her guardians... even if she has one!Back at Akiko’s place, Yuuichi offered Ayu to have dinner with them. Akiko didn’t mind Ayu staying for dinner but said that she had to call back home to avoid her parents being worried about her. Ayu then suddenly remembered that her parents are on vacation as she couldn’t get them on the phone. Obviously, that’s a lie. “Uusotsuki”. Nayuki then offered Ayu to stay with them until her parents return. Akiko didn’t mind too and welcomed her. Ayu turned red in happiness, as if she had wanted to stay with them for a long time already. -_-;Look at Mai... but she's looking at Yuuichi. XPAfter dinner, Yuuichi went to school again and as expected, Mai was standing by the window as usual under the moonlight. They talked about Mai and her liking to be alone, and why did she hunt demons. Mai said that nobody would believe what she would say. They also talked about Makoto… As usual again, Yuuichi brought along with him some food and Mai conveniently ate them one by one. Ayu in a mess, lol.Did Ayu also fried the table as well? o_o;The family looking at the mess..The next day, Ayu prepared breakfast for the family; however it seems that whatever she had prepared weren’t edible at all. In the end, Yuuichi and Nayuki decided to skip breakfast as they were almost late to school. They end up running to school and reached there 10 minutes earlier. Yuuichi called it a miracle as Kaori appeared from behind and said that in that case, miracles were really cheap. Looks like Kaori is in a bad mood. Well, something must have happened at home..."Banzai" says Mai Yuuichi.Yuuichi tried to borrow a dress from Shiori but had no luck. Just as he was about to go for lunch, Sayuri appeared at the door of the class. She told him that she had found a dress for Mai and another one for herself and a tuxedo for Yuuichi as well..."It's fast, good and cheap." XDAt night, Yuuichi brought something special for Mai to eat: a beef bowl. They chatted about the dance party as they eat. Suddenly Mai acted as if she had sensed something, quickly finished up the beef and then got to her sword and started to swish it around. My last words: What is it with girls and ice-cream? Is ice-cream really tasty? Or is it just that girls eat them to make other people feel that they are girly, cute and lovable? I can never understand something such trivial. There goes Nayuki and Shiori. If you ask me, even if I were to eat ice-cream, I would prefer vanilla or any other flavours which are not too sweet. Again, Shiori who is sick shouldn’t even eat ice-cream! Yuuichi shouldn’t have bought her the ice-cream in the first place! Seesh, Yuuichi had really spoiled Shiori…I'm going to make an announcement post later at night if possible as I shall be away from the computer for like, 2 weeks to spend Christmas in Singapore. If not, this should serve as the note. ;)
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