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Kuniko looked really really pretty here:I thought there was going to be a 25th episode; but my memory was wrong. So I've been behind on this . . . Ah well, almost a week late? But finally, I've finished it, and I'm happy to have seen a wonderful series~It has flaws (oh gawd there are still a lot of things unexplained and there are stuff that don't make sense), yes, but it was still a good series. There are people who think that Gonzo is absolute crap...though I agree that some of their shows suck.... I consider this as one of their decent shows. I don't regret tuning in to this~ It was a fun experience~[ Shangri-La - Episode 23 ]Pfft! Should I be surprised that Kunihito wasn't really willing to betray? His mom being hostage . . . I should've guessed that. What else could've made Kunihito do that? And it was so freakin' easy and fast to make Kunihito end his betrayal moments and go side with our main character again. *facepalm* Honestly, I would have preferred that Kunihito had been betraying them from the start; that he was really a very very bad guy. That will certainly be shocking and unexpected. I can't imagine him being a Ryoko loyalist though . . . and well, being a bad guy doesn't really suit him. He's a dork forever. *hugs him*Ah, so I was wrong that Sion was a masochist. He just became attached to Ryoko because he likes the feeling of being needed. But Ryoko's a total bitch that even if she only had one person left that still serves her, she still thought of getting rid of him. A really heartless bitch. That's so awesome~Ah well, like in Kunihito's case, it didn't take long for Sion to switch sides either. Brotherly love . . . I won't ever get tired of sibling love. Ever. *so touched* Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw . . . . Whoa! So Ryoko actually had a cure for Mikuni and Midori's disease since long ago but she didn't announce it just because she doesn't want Sayoko to be happy. OMG what a bitch. She's freakin' evil. Cool~The anti-MEDUSA party consist of Karin's gang and the old folks. The chibis attacking a fierce dragon thing looked stupid though. And what's with the chibis + superpowers thing? It's supposed to be cute, but I find it stupid. So the truth behind Karin's parents have been revealed. I find it evil for Ryoko to use Karin's fake parents to reveal to her that they're already dead. It feels . . . I don't know the term. Ironic? No . . . I'm running out of good vocabulary. Anyway, so Karin was just being used by Ryoko all along. Poor Karin though . . . her younger self was really cute~ But whoa . . . Ryoko . . . I admire your evilness in this episode~As for Mikuni? I can understand that Mikuni doesn't have special fighting abilities but . . . . why so useless in this episode? Fortunately, she wasn't been a scared little puppet all the time, but still, where's her power in killing people who lie? Or maybe it's not effective on Ryoko . . . . ah, it hadn't been effective on Karin either . . . Another complain: Why is it that only Kuniko gets to go after Ryoko???!!! I get it that only she has the weapon that can get through that thing, BUT STILL!!! Why only her??? It felt like "it's because she's the main character and of course she should be the only one who can defeat the main villain one-on-one. All glory and spotlight to her". . . .THE HELL!!!! I know Kuniko's special, but oh come on, don't make her TOO special! At least make Kunihito come along!!! And no, it's not because of my bias. He has the AAA status for pete's sake. Make him have more special roles that just dumping everything on Kuniko. Gaaaaahhh . . . . [ Shangri-La - Episode 24 ]Ah . . . so Kuniko and Mikuni aren't exactly sisters born from the same parents . . . Mikuni just has Himiko's DNA while Kuniko is Himiko's clone herself.Speaking of Himiko . . . has that name been mentioned in previous episodes? My memory fails me . . . Well, the said Himiko had showed up. She looks the same as Kuniko indeed. And she wants to make sacrifices for a new future. And who else opposes her? Herself. It's interesting if you see it in that sense~It kinda sucks that only Kuniko could stop her though. . . . and I see it as all because she has the main character position. Only she can save the world and all that crap. But well, at least she isn't exactly a chosen one. She wasn't chosen, but created. No chosen crap, but there's still the heroine always wins crap. Not that I'm complaining for the heroine to win . . . it just felt so fast. Himiko didn't seem like a main boss in that battle. . . . The part with Ryoko gave me more headaches. What the hell's with the power-up that Kuniko was able to defeat Ryoko easily after removing the spear? It felt so rushed and easy . . . it also made me feel like Kuniko only won after some miraculous power-up and Ryoko weakened for the sake of her being defeated already and for the story to end.I really didn't like the final battles. They seem rushed . . . to me.And man, what's with the "beauty needs a final battle" talk? It just . . . doesn't connect with the series. The self destruct thing being a man's passion amuses me though! Hahahaha! Reminds me of Heero from Gundam Wing~Anyway, as for Takehiko, oh gawd him being alive is so expected. I don't get why he's called Number 13 though. It made me assume that he's not human (he didn't die from those shots after all). But it seemed that he still died in the end . . . eh? So wait, he just endured those injuries? But they seem fatal enough to be killed in an instant. What the heck . . . .About the part with Miko and Mikuni, it was very sweet but . . . oh where the hell did the magic of taking away Mikuni's disease come from? Does being in that spiritual form gave Miko some healing powers or something? Wha? . . . .or is it just another miracle crap?I was very VERY happy when Sayoko slapped Mikuni. Not only because I don't really like Mikuni, but Mikuni really needs some slapping to bring some sense to her. Miko is very lovable, but it hurts for Sayoko to be just ignored after all that she has done for Mikuni. Ehehehe.As for Medusa, the world was saved because out of some miracle, Karin was able to rewrite its system even though everything seemed hopeless about it already in the previous episode. Wow *sarcastic*Medusa drowned . . . thus dead . . . but what's with the Medusa baby??? So it can reincarnate or something? Or the writers just want to give a happy ending to Karin?But damn . . .baby Medusa . . . even older Medusa . . . Kakihara Tetsuya voice . . . .his voice never fails to tantalize me . . . . damn xDNice to see Zhang and Klaris . . . in their actual selves! Whoa . . .Klaris is sooooo TALL! So our dear Karin's not friendless~ YAY TO ONLINE FRIENDS!!!!So in the end, everything was okay, and Kuniko now wants a place to live where everyone can live happily . . . in other words, their "Shangri-la". Where the title came from is obvious now.Lastly, as if I would miss this:[ Kunihito PicSpam ]So Kunihito dearest isn't exactly that special . . .. he just happened to be a descendant of some important figure. (But what's with the flashback? When he was a kid? Doesn't connect. This series has more to tell, but just had to end. Damnit).Anyway, he was still cooler (and more goodlooking) as a soldier; but he's an overall dork. I love him from beginning to end. Hahaha! Speaking of the end, I absolutely love his look in the last episode *pointing at last two screenshots* . . . .*faints*:
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