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Sasuke goes after Danzo.It's cougar time!!!Summary:Sasuke slashes the columns with his Susanoo, sending the ceiling crashing onto Raikage and Gaara's groups. The only person Sasuke bothers to save is Karin, and he tells Karin to lead him to Danzo while having little concern for Suigetsu or Jugo. Raikage, Gaara and their bodyguards survive the cave-in and continue their pursuit of Sasuke. Suigetsu and Jugo also survive, but only barely.Sasuke arrives at the meeting chamber and is confronted by Mifune. While everyone else is distracted, Danzo and his guards make a quick getaway. Ao chases after Danzo, but Sasuke and Karin are stopped from doing so by the Mizukage. The Tsuchikage and his remaining guard state that they are just going to sit an watch, and the Mizukage wants some payback from Sasuke for what Akatsuki had done to the previous Mizukage.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I'm disappointed that Sasuke just used the Susanoo as a getaway tool, but things continue to get more interesting and now Sasuke is facing the Mizukage. Mizukage is looking for some payback for her predecessor, but she also might be planning to use Sasuke to satisfy her cougar desires lol. She probably can't defeat Sasuke, but she might be able to hold him long enough for Gaara and Raikage to catch up. As for the Tsuchikage, I think the old man is being opportunistic. Maybe he's looking for a moment to steal Sasuke's eyes or something.And finally, there's Danzo making the getaway with Ao on his tail. Ao is probably get himself killed since he's no match for Danzo and his two guards. By killing Ao, you could even say Danzo is doing his job as the Hokage since he is reclaiming a lost Byakugan. I'm not sure why Ao is chasing after Danzo anyways. The summit is pretty much finished anyways, so it's time to leave. It's not like Ao by himself can stop Danzo from causing trouble. Maybe the whole story will end up as a big chase with Sasuke chasing Danzo and everyone else chasing Sasuke.
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