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The Kages (except Danzo) decide to form an alliance in response to Madara's declaration of war.I declare WAR!!!!!... but we'll start tomorrow since I feel beat from all the teleporting. Okthxbye. Summary:Madara declares war and telelports away. In response, the remaining Kages agree to form an alliance to protect the last two hosts against Akatsuki. Raikage orders his forces to search for Killer Bee, while Gaara agrees to relay the info to Kakashi and Naruto since Danzo is not trustworthy. Tsuchikage suggest that they use the remaining hosts to battle Akatsuki, but the other Kages disagree. Chojuro starts speaking about how powerful Kisame is, but everyone else ignores him. Meanwhile, Jugo and Suigetsu manage to escape from the summit grounds.Back in the snowy village, Naruto's group is surprised by the arrival of Sakura, Lee, Sai, and Kiba. Sakura tells Naruto that she has something to talk to him about.In a forest somewhere, Killer Bee is practicing his vocals with some guy and a giant raccoon bear, but the practice is interrupted with the arrival of Kisame who has come to capture Killer Bee (again).~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Once again, I've proved that I'm psychic lol. With Madara's declaration of war, the remaining Kages put aside their differences rather quickly to form an alliance. The different parties seem united for now, but not long ago they were at each other's throats, so let's see how long this alliance will last. There are some other significant issues such as the fact that Danzo and Konoha didn't sign on, but Gaara is planning on bypassing Danzo anyways to get to Naruto. Tsuchikage also seems to have plans to use the hosts as weapons, and it'll be interesting to see if he'll eventually get his way. Anyways, the declaration of war has been given, and Madara will probably make the first attack.At this point, looks like the next chapter can be Kisame vs. Killer Bee and/or Sakura telling Naruto to kick Sasuke's ass. Hopefully it'll be more of the former, although the latter is pretty important too. I wonder what Naruto's reaction will be when Sakura gives him the heart to heart talk. Given he has obsessed over Sasuke for so long, maybe he'll tell Sakura to bugger off and declare Sasuke as his one true love? As for the fight, we all know Killer Bee is pretty powerful, and Chojuro has hyped up Kisame in this chapter so it should be a good fight. Now that I think about it, both the fight and the talk could be pretty interesting.Before I forget, there is also situation with Ao chasing after Danzo and his guards. I am curious as to the outcome of that chase, but I doubt Ao will be able to accomplish much if he manages to survive.
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