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The Pacifistas are unleashed onto the battlefield.The Pacifistas remind me of the Sentinels form X-Men.Summary:Sengoku orders the Pacifistas to attack the pirates in the bay at Marineford and that the execution to go as planned. Whitebeard had seen the attack coming and that's why he had ordered his allies to scatter before. Meanwhile, Luffy way is blocked by Kizaru, but a group of Whitebeard's squad captains rush to Luffy's aid. Sengoku orders the live broadcast to be cut off, but Buggy's group had stolen one of the cameras and Buggy uses the opportunity to hog all of the screen time. While the battle rages on in the bay, Whitebeard prepares to enter the battle himself, but suddenly one of his squad captains stabs him through the abdomen.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That was a big, unexpected development at the end there. My guess at this point is that the attacker is either some enemy in disguise or the guy was a mole from the Marines all along. Whitebeard probably won't go down from that attack, but he'll definitely be weakened. Things are definitely not looking good for Luffy's side with Whitebeard getting stabbed and the Pacifistas blasting their way through the battlefield, so some sort of miraculous event must happen for the good guys to win or at least for Luffy to escape. It's anyone's guess what kind miracle it's going to be.On another note, Buggy has proven himself to be accidentally useful once again as his men steals one of the video Den Den Mushis and is providing a live feed to the battle against Sengoku's wishes. I wonder whether if the footage of the Pacifistas blowing stuff up will have an effect on people's attitudes towards the World Government. The other pirates of world will definitely be more apprehensive than ever.
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