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Kisame shows off his true powers, while Fuu has trouble retrieving Ao's byakugan.It's true that octopuses have been known to attack sharks, but I'm pretty sure sharks eat octopuses too.Summary:Somewhere in the snowy landscape, Mizukage and Chojuro are following markers left by Ao. Meanwhile, Fuu (in Ao's body) tries to pluck out Ao's byakugan but the eye is protected by a barrier. To get around this problem, Fuu plans to jump off a tree and into a blade to decapitate Ao. To avoid getting killed himself, Fuu has to leave Ao's body just as the blade makes contact with Ao's neck, and later Fuu (in his own body) can come and retrieve Ao's head. As Fuu is about to attempt the stunt, Ao (trapped in the puppet) tries to mess up Fuu's concentration by stating that he'll block the blade if Fuu leaves too early.Meanwhile, Killer Bee tests out Kisame's powers by summoning seven chakra tails and attacking. Kisame is able to block Bee's attack and absorb six of the tails. Realizing Kisame's limit, Killer Bee steps up and turn into an eight-tailed form just below completely releasing the tailed beast. This time, Sameheda is unable to absorb all of the chakra and Killer Bee sends Kisame crashing into a tree. Kisame appears to be gravely injured, but the Akatsuki member quickly regenerates using the chakra his sword had absorbed. Kisame explains that the longer the fight goes on, the better off he will be since he can always absorb his opponent's chakra and use it for himself. Kisame then floods the surrounding area with a water jutsu and fuses with Samehada into a grotesque shark humanoid.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Killer Bee vs. Kisame fight is picking up. Killer Bee has a massive amount of power as shown from his fight against Sasuke, but he might have met his match in Kisame who can absorb other people's chakra and make himself stronger. The key is to separate Kisame from Kamaheda, but that's going to pretty tough given that the two have fused into one freakazoid that for reason reminds me of Pokemon. For Madara's plan to have a slim chance of working, his crew has to get at least eight of the beasts (and showdown with Naruto for the kyuubi), so maybe Kisame will actually win and extract the hachibi from Killer Bee. Killer Bee definitely won't go down easy though. Should be an interesting fight between these two forces of nature.As for the part with Ao and Fuu, the battle between the two is surprisingly well thought-out despite that neither Ao or Fuu are important characters. Ao's thinking is correct if it was just him against Ao one on one, but I don't understand why he can't just lead Ao's body to Danzo and Torune, have them tie up Ao with some jutsu, (Fuu) transfer back to his body, and then kill Ao. Danzo plus Fuu and Torune can probably take down Ao no problem, especially if the bind his body beforehand. Maybe Danzo doesn't want to run the risk of being injured or he has something urgent to tend to in Konoha?
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