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Danzo's guards battle Madara.Madara: Sasuke, I choose you!!Summary:While Danzo is in the process of releasing his right arm, Fu and Torune attack Madara but their attacks merely flies through Madara. Fu and Torune realize that Madara has to become solid again to attack and the two try to bait Madara into attacking, but Madara guesses their plan and Fu ends being hit by Torune's infectious poison punch. Torune quickly heals Fu and charges at Madara again, but Madara absorbs Torune into his eye socket. Madara's right arm becomes infected by Torune's powers, and Madara rips off his arm to distract Fu and then sucks Fu into his eye socket as well. After taking care of Danzo's bodyguards, Madara releases Sasuke and Karin to face Danzo.Back at the snowy village, Gaara and his sibling prepare to return to their own village. Before leaving, Gaara states that he thinks of Naruto as a friend and he wants Naruto to think about the meaning of "friend" when dealing with Sasuke.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My psychic powers have returned lol! Instead of fighting Danzo by himself, Madara has releases Sasuke to do the dirty work. Between Sasuke and Danzo, Sasuke has the better eyes, but Danzo has that arm and perhaps more stolen body parts. Hopefully this will be a better fight than Killer Bee vs. Kisame, and it should be given the history between Danzo and the Uchiha clan. Given Sasuke is not the talkative type, there's a chance that the fight will actually start next chapter. I'm not sure we want a Q&A session between Sasuke and Danzo.The only other note I have is that Madara lost his right arm during the fight against Torune and Fu. I wonder if that arm is gone for good or is Madara capable of regenerating body parts these days.
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