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Sasuke vs. Danzo.Is it true... that girls swoon whenever they see my handsomely emo face?Summary:Sasuke asks Danzo whether if Itachi really sacrificed himself for the peace of the village. Danzo doesn't answer and forms a few seals before attacking Sasuke, but his attack is blocked by Sasuke's Susanoo ribcage. Sasuke then grabs Danzo with his Susanoo and tries to squeeze the answer out of Danzo. Danzo confirms the story but states that Sasuke will never understand Itachi's sacrifice. Satisfied with his findings, Sasuke crushes Danzo, but Danzo suddenly reappears behind Sasuke.Back at the snowy village, Kakashi decides that he'll go retrieve Sakura while Naruto and Yamato go back to the village. Kakashi will also dispatch his ninja hounds to spread the news about the summit. While Kakashi, Sai, and Yamato are planning this out, Naruto is thinking about all the discussion about Sasuke and starts to hyperventilate. Naruto then falls to the ground and loses consciousness.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Naruto faints from thinking about Sasuke? It must be a case of love-sickness lol. I have a feeling the fainting is just a device to keep Naruto out of action for a while so he can do some internal soul searching and wake up just in time to make a big save. By some miracle, maybe Naruto will actually get over Sasuke, but I doubt it. As for Kakashi's plans to stop Sakura from reaching Sasuke, it's probably going to fail one way or another. Sakura may be no match for Sasuke, but a cat fight with Karin would be quite entertaining.Back to the fight, I'm a little surprised that Danzo actually confirmed Madara's story about Itachi. Madara never seemed like the honest type, but he'll probably tell the truth if it means screwing Sasuke around, or maybe both he and Danzo are lying. As expected, Danzo doesn't go down easily despite Sasuke using his Susanoo at the very start. Sasuke probably got hit with a genjutsu at the beginning of the fight since he should be able to tell if Danzo used a cloning technique. I want to see what Danzo can do with that gross Sharingan arm of his. I wonder if that arm is vulnerable to dust, lemon juice and salt?
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