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Sasuke and Danzo both start pulling tricks out of their...You are not suppose to wheeze and pant after letting out a battle cry. Summary:Danzo spots Itachi behind him and is apparently hit by Amateratsu, but it all turns out to be Sasuke's Tsukuyomi illusion. As Danzo is distracted, Sasuke sneaks behind and tries to stab Danzo with his chakra blade, but suddenly he is frozen in place by a paralyzing seal that Danzo had put on him (when Danzo choked him in the previous chapter). Karin jumps in to save Sasuke, but Danzo kicks her away. Danzo turns back and tries to decapitate Sasuke with Sasuke's own blade, but suddenly Sasuke summons the Susanoo which forces to leap back. Unlike the previous iterations, this time Sasuke's Susanoo completely forms and Sasuke commands it to shoot an arrow at Danzo. Having no time to make seals, Danzo unleashed yet another hidden power and manages to deflect the arrow by growing trees. From the sidelines, Madara realizes that Danzo probably worked with Orochimaru and had all the Sharingans and the First Hokage's DNA implanted into his body. Meanwhile, Karin figures out that Danzo is now vulnerable to attack and tells Sasuke to shoot another arrow. Sasuke follows Karin's instruction and fires another arrow, but Danzo is able to reactivated his previous technique in time and survives despite being pierced by the arrow. Back on the sidelines, Karin sense that Danzo's chakra took another dip and realizes Danzo's technique uses a lot of chakra. Meanwhile, Madara realizes that Danzo must be using Izanagi, an eye technique that even the Uchiha clan had declared forbidden.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~How many hidden powers does Danzo have? First one Sharingan, then an arm full of Sharingans, and then the First's wood jutsu? Next thing we know, Danzo will use the bloodline techniques of every clan in Konoha... except he probably doesn't have enough chakra at this point. Danzo suddenly using wood jutsu actually made Sasuke's complete Susanoo look rather tame and sensible in comparison lol. Danzo probably still has more tricks up his sleeve, but I'll give Sasuke the edge since he has combat support from Karin and also Madara watching from the sidelines. Sasuke is probably out of new tricks unless he somehow gets access to the sacred sword that Itachi had. Anyways, the good news about this is that this fight has not devolved into a genjutsu battle... yet. Yes, Danzo is revealing one unlikely power after another, but at least for now Kishimoto is keeping the fight interesting.
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