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The conclusion to Danzo vs. Sasuke (?).Congratulations to Sasuke for graduating from "emo" to "nut-job" status.Summary:Danzo and Sasuke appear to have pierced each other with their respective chakra blades. Danzo claims victory first because he had one eye left for Izanagi, but he quickly realizes that it was Sasuke who landed the blow. Sasuke used Tsukuyomi to fool Danzo into thinking he had one eye left whereas in reality Danzo's supply was spent. Sasuke starts gloating but he falls to ground due to over-exertion, prompting Karin to offer up her arm for biting. Despite being seriously injured and out of chakra, Danzo refuses to give up, but first he loses control of the 1st Hokage’s wood jutsu and loses his right arm in the process. Danzo pulls off his bandages to reveal his remaining Sharingan, and since Sasuke has overused his eyes, Danzo manages to get around Sasuke and grab Karin. However, instead of trying to rescue Karin, Sasuke stabs through both Karin and Danzo with an arrow of chakra. From the sidelines, Madara looks on with approval.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ha, I was right about Sasuke using Tsukuyomi on Danzo, but then again most people would have guessed it. Looks like Sasuke is on his way to becoming an insane super villain of the series. That was a nice deranged crazy face he made near the end of the chapter. I'm not sure if Sasuke's new personality is an upgrade or downgrade from the previous emo state. We'll have to see what he does from this point. Sasuke is getting closer to beyond redemption (if he isn't already), so the chances of Naruto turning him back to the light is now slim to none which is probably a good thing. I'd prefer those two take each other out at the end (instead of taking each other out on a date). It seems that both Danzo and Karin are done for now that Sasuke stabbed them both through the heart, but you can never be sure when there are Sharingans and Danzo involved. Maybe Danzo will turn into a liquid or something (a la Kurotsuchi from Bleach) and escape, since I have trouble believing that a mastermind like Danzo would be killed on the road and not as a part of a climatic showdown. Given that Danzo played a major part in a lot of Konoha's history, you'd think he'd stay alive until his secrets were all revealed, but who knows. This is Sasuke's show after all.
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