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Kakashi catches up to Sasuke and Sakura.No inappropriate touching on the first date.Summary:Kakashi catches up to Kiba, Lee, and Sai who are still lying on the ground from Sakura's sleep gas bomb. After learning Sakura's destination from Kiba, Kakashi leaves the younger ninjas on the forest path and continues on.At the bridge, Sasuke questions Sakura's sincerity for joining him. To test Sakura's loyalty, Sasuke tells Sakura to kill the helpless Karin. Sakura walks up to Karin and Sasuke and thinks about stabbing Sasuke, but Sasuke has the same idea and acts first. Fortunately for Sakura, Kakashi arrives in time to drive Sasuke back. Kakashi tells Sakura that she shouldn't burden herself with all of the responsibility and states that it's his failure as a sensei that Sasuke has fallen so far. Kakashi tells Sasuke to stop his obsession with revenge, but Sasuke isn't in the mood to listen. Seeing that Sasuke has fallen too far to be saved, Kakashi tells Sakura to take Karin and heal her up for questioning. With Sakura and Karin gone, Kakashi reveals his Sharingan and faces off against Sasuke. Meanwhile, Naruto is on his way.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For a second week in a row, a commenter from the previous week has made the correct prediction, this time about Sasuke asking Sakura to kill Karin to prove her loyalty. It all turned out to be a faint by Sasuke though. Even though Sasuke is insane, he isn't quite stupid enough to fall for Sakura poorly-thought-out plan. As ridiculous as that scenario was, I'm a little disappointed that Sakura didn't go with Sasuke. We won't be able to see the look on Naruto's face when he sees Sasuke and Sakura back together. That would have been a great moment lol.With Sakura's situation resolved for now, we have Sasuke vs. Kakashi, another former student vs. mentor match. Sasuke at full power is above Kakashi's league, but right now Sasuke is spent while Kakashi has all of his chakra reserves, so this fight will probably be close. Since I can't imagine Naruto catching up to Sasuke so soon, I'm going to guess that Sasuke will probably turn tail and run soon enough, either by his own will or Madara will show up and whisk him away.
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