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I realize that I’m quite far behind in doing episode summaries for the anime series, looking at the latest release of Kanon’s subs which is now at episode 18. Well, I had many school activities to prepare for the past weeks. I can have much more time on the computer from now on that the annual Bazaar as well as the Sports Meet were finally over.Sayuri wanted to celebrate Mai’s birthday, but in the end, her wish didn’t come through. Instead, she got hurt. We got to know about Sayuri’s sad story behind her smile. Also in this episode, Ayu became Akiko-san’s next ‘jam’ victim, where Yuuichi couldn’t do a thing to save her. Ahh... Ayu, you should have a look at what's behind you. Soon, you're going to put it into your mouth... :OThat bunny hair band is not for you Yuuichi, mind you. Unless you want to end up as a cute guy. -.-Ahh... who's the girl wearing the bunny ear hair band? Look carefully and you'll know, seriously.Wow, that must have hurt.That's a really cold eyes of Mai, considering that they're green...Sayuri, you sure that's a baby boy? Or is it a baby girl? Reminds me of Hikari in one of Digimon's OAV.Despite I hear them say that Kazuya's slow in developing, his head is nevertheless big... o_o;The best "expression" face shown by Ayu. It's a pity that we do not see Ayu eating the bread with jam live. XDFor the first time ever, I think you're right. You're an idiot.This is not a horror movie. But what you see is indeed... scary.That's a nice bicycle?Not until you see this. lol.The episode started with a scene of the dining table at the Minase’s. Everyone has just awoken and they were having their breakfast. While Yuuichi was thinking about Mai’s words from the night before, Nayuki was still half asleep in her school uniform. Akiko-san took out her proud ‘collection’ of jams which she mad herself, and specially introduced her special blend jam to Ayu-chan. Yuuichi got to his senses and Nayuki immediately woke up, as if they knew an unavoidable disaster was about to hit them hard. Feeling sorry and powerless for Ayu, both of them left the house, trying their best not to make a face.On the way to school, Nayuki handed over Yuuichi a bunny ear hair band. She told him that she borrowed it from the Theater Club, and that it works in helping a girl to raise her ‘cuteness’. An absentminded Yuuichi wore it himself. Suddenly, an image of a girl wearing a bunny ear hair band cane across his mind... but he never remembered who it was in the end.During lunch time, only Mai was seen at the old place where they had been having lunch since Sayuri had something to do. While waiting for Sayuri, the two of them played Shiritori. But in the end, the game didn’t go well since Mai kept on repeating words which end with the “n” voice which is against the rules of the game. Sayuri arrived a while later, and they had lunch. Nayuki approached Yuuichi after school, hoping that he would accompany her home, but as expected, he refused, saying that he had club activities. Yuuichi then went up to the old place he and Mai would train together. Being a clumsy and weak guy, Yuuichi was badly beaten up by Mai. Just to add salt to the wound, Mai straight-fowardly told him that he’s a weak person. They continued on. Yuuichi defended himself as he finally managed to flung away Mai’s wooden kendo sword. This is when Sayuri came in. She thought that they were playing, but Yuuichi told her that they were fighting seriously. Sayuri tried to convince the two of them by saying that she’s also serious, but as being someone not athletic, she clumsily slipped down onto the slippery snow. Mai, looking at her with a pair of cold eyes, told her that she was in their way. Sayuri tried to smile, and then she ran into the school building, crying. Yuuichi faced Mai with a face of disappointment and anger.Yuuichi was slowly walking by the streets under the orange ray of the sunset. He saw Sayuri and they went into a café to have some coffee. Yuuichi was then told of her sad story about how she was once an elder sister until his little brother, Kazuya, passed away. As a baby boy, Sayuri had treated Kazuya as strict as possible as to not end up spoiling him. However, Kazuya was a boy who was slow in development. He had a weak body and Sayuri had to walk him to the kindergarten, somewhere he couldn’t socialize with other kids his age. She knew that spoiling him wasn’t the right answer. Until one day, Kazuya finally fell sick. For the first time ever, Sayuri was granted the permission to play with her brother. She bought toys, snacks, and then brought them to him. Kazuya was surprised and he started to cry, but soon, he started to smile, for the first time ever. It was the first and the last time they played together as the very next day, Kazuya breathed his last breath. Starting from then onwards, Sayuri could only see herself from a third person’s point of view. She also stopped smiling, until she met Mai. She realized that Mai was the one she wanted to be with. She wasn’t sure whether she’s overshadowing Kazuya on Mai. A song started to play back inside the café. It was Johann Pachelbel’s Canon, a song which Sayuri really enjoyed. It was a melody, changing slowly but surely. She wished that life were to be like that.After that, Yuuichi and Sayuri parted. Sayuri said that she’ll bring the food over to Mai’s place and then call Yuuichi.When Yuuichi reached home, the first thing he did was asked Ayu about Akiko-san’s special jam. She started to tremble and said that it was something inhumane. Yuuichi sarcastically & jokingly said that it may be used as a cancer prevention drug. Ayu started to Uguu away.After waiting for sometime for Sayuri’s call, he became impatient. If Sayuri were to be any later, Mai would have gone to school. He then told Nayuki that he’ll be going to a friend’s birthday party and not have dinner with them. He then left for school. Shortly after he left, Sayuri called. Akiko-san told her that he had left. She decided to look for him, and the first place which came to her head was the school. So, she headed to school as well.As Yuuichi was walking, he realized that he had made a mistake. He realized that, if Sayuri can’t get hold of him, she would end up looking for him. He started to run, and he reached a telephone booth. He then called back home, and Akiko told him what Sayuri said. Yuuichi hanged up and ran all the way to school. Unfortunately, Sayuri reached the school before Yuuichi. It was dark and quiet. She slowly walked along the corridor and ended up in front of the washroom. A water tap was still on and water was running. She went in and turned it off. Suddenly, something invisible attacked her.Finally, Yuuichi reached the school. He rushed in, only to see Mai in front of the toilet, collapsing down. She was badly petrified. Yuuichi was seriously shocked as well. Sayuri was covered in blood! They brought Sayuri to the hospital. Yuuichi realized that Sayuri knew everything, and that she’s only keeping quiet. Mai’s sadness came to a peak and she turned berserk. She started to trash things in her path with her sword. She blamed herself that in the end, everyone besides her got hurt; she’s the only one unharmed. She gripped her sword and wanted to kill herself with it, but Yuuichi stopped her in time. He held her face which is now filled with tears using his two palms. He told her that she’ll lose everything for sure if she were to kill herself. They decided to go back to school & finish up everything that very night.
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