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Akainu continues to go after Luffy while Sengoku battles Blackbeard.Blackbeard still got some work to do before it actually becomes "his age".Summary:After collapsing Marine HQ, Blackbeard plans to sink the island of Marineford but he and his crew are confronted by Sengoku in his giant form. Meanwhile, Akainu has defeated Ivankov and Inazuma and continues to chase after Jimbei and Luffy. Jimbei tries to dive into the ocean, but he finds the sea frozen by Aokiji. Akainu catches up and injures both Jimbei and Luffy with an attack. It looks like Akainu has Jimbei and Luffy right where he wants them, but suddenly Crocodile appears and sends Jimbei and Luffy away with a whirlwind. Jimbei and Luffy are then caught by Buggy (whose upper body is floating in the sky) who instinctively starts running. Akainu gives chase but he is confronted by the remaining Whitebeard Pirates. As the battle rages on the island, Buggy looks for a way out, and suddenly he spots a submarine surfacing nearby. Out of the submarine emerges Trafalgar Law and his crew and he tells Buggy to hand Luffy over so he can be treated.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~One of the pirates from Shabondy finally showed up! We all know Luffy is going to survive, but this chapter gave answer to how Luffy is going to escape. Looks like Law's submarine might be Luffy's ticket out of the fight. I guess the other “Supernovas” will show up soon as well since they departed Shabondy together with Law.Even though it seems like the Marineford arc is near the end, there are still a lot of things going on. The remaining Whitebeard Pirates are faced with Akainu who is relentless in his pursuit of Luffy. The Whitebeard Pirates can't really afford to be caught up in a long battle, but they might sacrifice themselves to cover Luffy's escape. There is also Blackbeard vs. Sengoku and the other Marines. We'll see if Blackbeard can back up his words and take out Marineford. Garp might get involved (he doesn't seem to be doing anything else at the moment) and so could the other two admirals. There is still a lot fights left yet.
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